Friday, August 2, 2013


Just me and one of the funny priests in the ward.
A recent convert, Brother Wormsley to the right and a super helpful ward missionary to the left, Hermano Luis

Another crazy YSA kid, Devon Carey

A crazy funny family whose name I cant remember.

Me and the cereal I lived off of for a couple weeks

A reunion with an old zone leader of mine at a transfer meeting.

My zone's stats on our key indicators. I guess that was the business side of me coming out in our zone meetings.

We saw this lady sitting in the window while driving to an appointment and could help but laugh at her and the words on the window.

All those giant weeds we were looking at was our service project one morning. Missionaries will do anything for member trust.

All this crap is what was hidden by the jungle of weeds from the above picture

This is what it looked like after we cleared out a ton of the weeds and trash. So fresh and so clean

. Inside a super wealthy members home with a home theater. I find her and him attractive. ;)

Just crazy greenery in NC.

The aftermath of a members home catching fire. Cool story about how everything was burned up on that side of the house except the dresser containing her garments.

An old 19th century sewing machine.

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