Monday, July 29, 2013

Better than a box of chocolates

This week was wonderful, but there is so much more I wish we could have done. Time just doesn't want to be there for us. So first of all I am glad to hear this week was good for y'all. Yes Jenni you are getting old and I am too in the mission age. Pretty soon if you procrastinate enough I will be home to help paint that home of yours. We would have a good time doing that. I'm not sure exactly where Mom and Dad went , but I sure hope Sara is working hard and getting things ready for school. Water Polo is going to be awesome. You will definitely need to be fierce and play no games. I am excited to see how that goes. Read a lot Sara and please don't slack on those assignments. You are the last to go through high school and I sure hope you show all of us up in how well you do. Goals for the future have to be set now. Probably my biggest regret of high school is not planning far enough ahead in the beginning. I am excited for you.
So on this side of the world things have been great. As you can see we had a wonderful baptism where Bro. Vincent entered into a covenant with God. Their little family is great and are going to be doing a lot for this ward here. His wife has been through a lot through her life, but she found a this guy who is bringing her back into activity with her Savior. They are great to be around and to learn from. This week has been full of working hard at helping investigators progress and become commitment keeping people. The other thing about that is I have been stressing over how to get these other missionaries to do the same. I have been throwing down on accountability with the missionaries, but now its time to approach the love and charity side of things. :) We had interviews with Pres. Baker this week and he is excited for some of the ideas I have come up with that are actually totally different than anything my last two presidents would have allowed. Its fun being an older missionary that kind of gets to mold some of the mission culture here. Hopefully things stick after I leave.
Well other than that I have found myself being asked trunky things like about school and housing and I guess I need to just ask Brianne to keep her eyes and ears open and be ready for all that. I have zero idea on when and what to do about all that why i am here. I am almost nervous to have to go back and deal with all that real-lief junk. ;)
Well I love you all a ton and hope life is treating you better than a box of chocolates.
Con Amor,
Elder Burnham

Vincent Family

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