Monday, July 8, 2013

Virginia Here I Come!

So first off I want Ryan to know that no where in the white handbook is there a rule against hugging the opposite sex. It does say that there shouldn't be any inappropriate relationships, but I don't think that situation falls into that category. I also must add that sometimes it is necessary to follow the spirit of law and sometimes the letter of the law. You use your own judgment, but I will say that I have given hugs out when needed. :) Also I want to say that I am super excited for him to train. I want so bad to train again before I die. It is the best growing experience a missionary will ever go through and it help them become such a better missionary. You get to fill all the gaps that your trainer missed. Be exactly obedient, work hard and don't ever be prideful! :) I am sooooo excited to hear about how this goes.
Well on my side of things transfers is this week, but the rumor about a huge flip flop in the mission is not coming to pass. In fact there is only one elder leaving my district this transfer. The biggest change is that we are receiving Spanish speaking sisters here in smithfield. They are moving right around the corner from us so that will be weird, and I don't know exactly how we are going to split the work here since we are both bilingual companionships. I'm just going to pawn all the single sisters off to them and wish them luck. ;) Our ward mission leader is super excited  so we'll see how it goes. This means I will have the biggest district in the mission I believe. We will now have 7 companionship's. It is going to be a crazy transfer. I am excited though. I have come up with some pretty great ideas to get the member work moving. I sure hope with sisters here that will just allow them to take off faster. I have no doubt that it will since sisters seem to always bring an increased amount of excitement when they come to an area for the first time in years. I am having a good attitude it about it for now so unless I get calls for blessings every other night we should be just honky-dory. :)
President Baker is awesome. He reminds me a lot of Ben Walker. He is tall and lanky and he is has an awesome sense of humor. ;) He has already made some big changes like transfer days and when we have district meetings and other little stuff. For the most part though it shouldn't effect the NCRM missionaries too bad. I'm excited for the change.
Other than that this week was crazy. It seemed like we were hardly in our area to do work. Somehow we were able to find 5 new investigators while in the middle of driving to and from Virginia, which takes three hours from here, having a surprise zone meeting and being told the 4th was a non-proselyting day. It was a weird week. I'm glad we were able to work hard amidst the chaos.
Well things have been going great and we have a lot of work coming our way so keep us in your prayers. I am on board with Ryan being my trainer as well here in two transfers. I would serve under him with no problems at all. I'm sure he could teach me a lot. I would also enjoy teaching those spanish families as well. Mom work your magic. :) I love you all and I hope this week of camping and box-moving will be full of excitement and missionary opportunities. Go get 'em!!!!
Con Amor,
Elder Burnham

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