Monday, July 15, 2013

Great Week

Sounds like everyone had quite the week. Girl's camp sounded like way too much fun. It is good to hear the men were so willing to scare some poor innocent girls. I would have loved to join in the fun. :) I'm glad Jenni and the family is all situated almost. I am excited to see the new house and see all the fun they are having in the country. I hope yall are planning a big garden. Everyone out here are garden masters so I'm learning a lot through the service we render. Everyone is preparing for the massive civil war they think we will be having soon or the apocalypse. People are crazy in the south.
So for our hectic week or at least mine as I have to help so many companionships figure things out. There has been a lot of changes to the mission life out here and we are all adjusting. The biggest one is that we now have sisters in our are and they have no idea what to do. Having been in this area for 4 months now I am in charge of getting things together for them and making sure they are ready to get to work. Plus I am in charge of holding them accountable each week. Fun stuff! We have been working hard in literally every aspect of this work possible. Lots of progression has been made and we are excited for anything else the president can throw at us.
Another crazy experience was I was interviewing a man for baptism this week and the elders had failed to go over some very important worthiness questions with him before the interview date. Well I sat through an hour long interview hearing this man's testimony/life story and only ended up having to tell him that our mission president would have to interview him due to some things that took place in his life. That was not a fun experience. I think everything will go well though and he should be baptized soon. I then immediately let those missionaries know to NEVER skip that question when preparing an investigator for baptism.
Well other than that we had a great week and only a better one coming up. I am excited for the work. I love you all and I hope things are going well.
Con Amor,
Elder Burnham

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