Monday, July 1, 2013

New Mission President

What a week y'all had. I'm glad to hear that everyone is still intact and ready for the next phase of life. Even Ryan had some crazy experiences. Over here we didn't have so much craziness except for the weather. I feel like this week was a rough one for us, but when I look back at previous weeks it wasn't all that terrible. I just don't like the feeling of a stand still I need to be improving or changing something or I feel that not much happens. I guess that is a lack of patience in me. This next week will probably be pretty crazy with the official mission changes going to be taking effect. I am already seeing things as a district leader that I didn't deal with before. We actually get to meet the mission president this Tuesday which will be exciting. I guess we will see how things go in the short two hour meeting in Portsmouth, Virgina we will be having. All we keep being told is there will be a lot of changes and in the first transfer President Baker wants to completely switch everything. The Zone Leaders also told me that he is not as laid back as President Bernhisel, but he isn't as strict as President Cotterell. I mean he has only been out like a week so we can't really judge him yet, but we will see.
Well other than that we had a week of service this past semana. We did some major yard work with the ward around Smithfield and we also helped a few families move. WE Mormons are the greatest moving company known to man. Some non members that were there were impressed with how well we work together and just move those boxes right along. Other than all the service rendered we were able to teach some of our investigators new things which brings out new doubts which makes our jobs fun. I must say that the best feeling ever is when you study for an investigator and you come across a scripture that you just know will rock their socks. You get a fat grin on your face and that kind of evil chuckle comes out as you think to yourself, "muahahaha they can never deny it after reading this. This is exactly what they need to hear." :) Oh I love the morning study schedule. Well other than that not much has changes around here. We did add a sister to the companionship we already had thanks to some drama that went down between another companionship. This is what I was warned about. It shouldn't be too bad though. ;)
Well my lovely family things have been going great here amidst the beautiful summer lightning storms and all. I hope the heat isn't killing y'all too bad over there. I love you to death and hope all is well. Tell Michael I love him and hope he doesn't get married too fast.
Con Amor,
Elder Burnham
P.S. Make sure Claire gets this message. "djbhfklsdhguisdbnfguilsduilfhilfugdvkljdfguisdghldfhvuisdgfvjklnsdbfkljghsdfuilgh"
It means I love all those kids a ton and I can't wait to get those hugs and kisses.

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