Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Hola familia.

Yo soy mucho gracias por su mensajes. I have to practice somehow right? Anyway I have so much to say in just a short time. First, business. Yes, mom the tees are for working out and the sweatpants just make sure they fit Ryan in length and that should be good. Oh you can send my emails to whoever. I'm okay with whatever, and I trust your editing judgement. Also did my pics ever come in? Oh also I have a fridge in my room because an elder before us had to keep his insulin cold so if you want you could send me drinks. (Pepsi, Gatorade) Now the rest, my Thanksgiving dinner SUCKED!!! You can't ever beat dinner with the family on Thanksgiving. But to make it alright I have now seen Elder D. Todd Christofferson speak and Elder Russell M. Nelson. I must be super lucky or need extra help. :) It was super amazing though. I have never felt the spirit in this way before. Elder Nelson stopped near the end of his talk and had us listen to Alleluia by the Men in the MOTAB and just think about what we are grateful for and our service. I never felt so good. I was so high on the spirit during that that when the organist started playing the closing hymn it like totally killed the mood. But it was still great anyway. Then that evening we got to watch 17 Miracles. It was really a good movie. I enjoyed that a lot. So that was Thanksgiving.
Now for earlier in the week. I have been able to see Russell (friend from Modesto) a few times now. It is always great to talk to him whenever I can. We are always giving each other braso's. :) Oh so the second day here we had to teach an investigator that only spoke Spanish. It was horrible. And then we went back the 4th day and taught again and we improved so much, miraculously. I actually committed him to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. I am very impressed with how much my companion and I have learned. Well at least how much I learned. That second lesson my companion said "Tenemos un message para usted" Which means we have a massage for you instead of saying "Tenemos un mensaje para usted." I had to correct him, but it sure was funny when the investigator gave us a wierd look. I really wish I was better at spanish and I pray very hard every day for the gift of tongues. I pray very hard everyday for everything. I don't have a favorite class because I basically live in my classroom studying and learning and practicing and failing.
So P-day is basically Christmas every week so keep the letters and packages coming because its really the only thing every missionary has to look forward to besides finally going out into the field.
My companion is Elder Miller from American Fork and his dream is to fly fish all the time. I don't know if you remember Jed from
BYU, but he is exactly like him in every way. So we get along pretty well.
Anyway sorry this has been all over the place, but I have such short time and my mind is all over the place that I just tell you stuff as it comes to me. OH Ryan, the MTC is freaking amazing, but the food sucks. Sara, I love you too and I'm glad you actually miss me.
Guys, I am so happy where I am at and nothing could drag me away from here. The things you learn and feel here are literally out of this world. I love you guys so much and I WILL finish strong. Thank you for everything, and I already can't wait to email you next Friday.
Keep in touch I love you guys to death.
Elder Burnham

Saturday, November 19, 2011

News from the MTC

Hey everybody. I hate being timed it stresses me out. Anyway my p-days will be on fridays starting next week. Anyway, I want you to know I love you all very much.

Anyway on a better note. The MTC is really amazing. The knowledge is hitting me so hard and so fast all at once. The thing is that I am retaining the gospel knowledge, but the spanish is kicking my butt. It's really discouraging not being able to communicate with someone. Especially when you have to teach your first investigator the second day you get out here in Spanish. My companion and I had so many awkward pauses. I thought with what I had learned and figured out on my own it was going to go alright, but the thing is that I forgot he talks back. :) I could pick out a few things, but he spoke so fast and more spanish than I have ever heard. It blew my mind. Let me tell you, I have really learned to pray very hard for both the gift of tongues and patience. I get down on myself very quickly and I guess that's something I really need to overcome. I actually have seen Russell a few times and he was telling me that I shouldn't worry because it will come in time. He spoke zero spanish before and now he is doing pretty good. I want so bad to be succesful in Spanish.
Oh hey one of the elders in our room is from Australia and he is headed to Fresno. His name is Elder Neave and he has a great accent. He is also funny to listen to when he speaks spanish. So look out for him.
I miss you guys and I hope you are all doing well. I love you so much. Thank you for supporting. Some of the elders in my district aren't as lucky as I am to have such a loving and supporting family.

I'm enduring to the end. Love Elder Burnham.

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Elder Sean Burnham

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Open House Farewell

Open House Farewell for Elder Burnham
At the Burnham's home

From 6-8pm
Food will be served

Please come and wish Elder Burnham good luck!