Monday, June 24, 2013

Mission Changes

 Well this week has been a roller coaster for everyone it seems. Lots of
bitter sweet moments. It is awesome to hear that the family is doing well and having a blast together. Things sure are changing rapidly in every aspect of our lives. I am excited for everything though. The whole mission split and that broadcast and the change for the family and just everything is super exciting. This week we had our final zone conference with President Bernhisel. Tears were shed and hugs were given. It is going to be huge change in the next couple of weeks. We found out that the whole culture clash between the missions is going to be bigger than we thought. Also it sounds like President Baker is making plans already to flip everyone as soon as he gets here to break any pride battles that may take place so I may see Virginia after all. I guess we will see what happens. 

Well as you can see we did have a baptism this weekend and Sister Julie Maley is the best. She reminds me a lot of Jenni but a little taller. :) She is just as outgoing though and loves to be there to help people. She was a little nervous to get baptized and confirmed in front of people, but once it happened she ate it up. She is awesome and I am looking forward for her and her husband, the man that baptized her and a returning less active,
to get sealed in the temple. They have big goals and we are super excited to help them. This week has been huge. Lots is happening and it is only starting. After that broadcast we are expecting a huge fire in the ward and if not then we are expecting to start one from it. I love this work and I can't believe how fast time is flying. Next week we will have a lot more news on everything and a lot more info. Be prepared. Well enjoy the family time and I can't wait to see y'all soon. Keep up the good work. Study that broadcast and use it for EVERYTHING! Your awesome. 

Con Amor,
Elder Burnham

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