Monday, June 3, 2013

New Companion and Ward mission leader

Mom I would love more than anything for you to write the presidents and see if that is possible. I would give anything to serve with my brother as a full time missionary just for a day even. That would be the experience of a lifetime and I would do anything to have it. I can see that probably being really hard to make happen, but it would mean so much to both of us I'm positive. If you could pull any strings that would be miraculous.
Well other than that I don't have any huge new about anything yet. We know that Elder Sosa will be heading to Durham tomorrow and I will be getting a new companion. I went to a massive leadership meeting last Wednesday and pretty much could bring down my new companion to two elders, but we will see which of them it will be. Both are unfortunately Americans. :) I also learned that President Baker will officially be my new key holder on June 27. Exciting I guess. Other than that not much happened. I am always learning a lot and working hard. We didn't have too much help from members this week so we had a lot of other lessons from our own efforts. Always finding is what we do!
One amazing thing that I can tell you about is we have the best ward ever!!! Our War Mission Leader is straight from heaven and knows exactly what to do and is working super hard. He is our best friend in the ward and is more converted to this work than any other member I have come in contact with. I love his spirit and his testimony. I really hope to be able to serve as well as he does in the church. We have huge plans to change this place around and get everyone excited about missionary work. He is a strong believer that if missionary work is strong in the ward amongst the members than everything else will strengthen along with it. He just gets it! I am glad to be serving here in this loving ward where everyone gets along for  the most part and where we can focus on the most important things. I will definitely keep you updated on how things progress here.
Well beautiful family I love you more than bananas and I sure hope things are going fantastic. Pull those strings Mom!!!
Con Amor,
Elder Burnham

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