Monday, June 17, 2013


Wow that was a bunch of great letters that just made me laugh and made me trunky. I confess this weekend was a trunky one for this missionary. We had a lot of great miracles happen and things have just been going well. This Sunday we had two new investigators come to church made it a total of four there. With it being the Father's Day theme I heard a lot about personal stories these people had with their fathers and it really made me think of the good times I have had. It was just such a trunky day. Life has been just really great this week. I also have to say that reading Sara's email and Jenni's email just made my day. Sara is going to need to stop growing up and talking about boys and stuff so much. Reading what she wrote just made me bust up. I can remember all that nonsense going on when I was at youth conference. Now I know the girls side if it. hahahaha I also love hearing about Jenni and the kids and picturing all the things that she said they were doing. I am excited to see them again. My WML here and his wife remind me a lot of Jenni and Buddy and it just adds to that trunkiness. I get a long with them well and we are working super hard. We have done some serious planning and we are about to flip Smithfield around. I sure love the work out here.
Ummm to answer your questions. We are teaching half and half here. (Spanish & English) We have a lot of work going on in both areas. My companion has never done so much work apparently and he is surprised to see how often we are finding. The pants are working great and I also was given some pants from Elder Sosa that didn't fit him anymore. They are Honduran Homemade from his mom. I feel special. I have one functioning suit that I am hoping makes it the rest of my mission. I have been doing my best to only wear it when necessary. I really hope it makes it. I don't have any room to grow in them either so its just more motivation to keep working out and eating healthy. My new companion is Elder Leisek from Mesa, Arizona and he is really a good missionary. He has a big heart. He has only been out a year. He came out with Elder Sosa. My new mission president arrives June 27 and apparently he is planning on transferring people around ASAP to get rid of any barriers between NCRM and CVM missionaries. It will be an interesting change. We also have been encouraged to go to that broadcast with our WML's so I 'm glad we will be listening to the Prophet together. I don't know anything about a map and I'll see what I can do about a picture.
Family I love you all a ton and I'm glad to see that things are going well and people are happy. Life is great when we have the gospel. We have an exciting week planned coming up so we will be busy. If there is anything I can do for y'all out here just let me know. I love ya tons. Hasta entonces.
Con Amor,
Elder Burnham

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