Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I'm glad to hear that life is getting back into those crazy days of school and and other fun stress. Sounds like the ward is really starting to to enjoy those missionary talks. Hey just wondering, but what would a talk in the first half of November have as a topic? Just thought I would ask? :) This week for us has been full of member work. Well I'm assuming the world is changing to that culture and to be honest I have a feeling that the missionary work is going to struggle a little bit out here for a while until we can really get that culture embedded into the member's heads. It sounds like from that one broadcast that the brethren don't want us knocking on doors. I COMPLETELY agree with them. Well we have set goals and made great plans to get these members going. We have had some great success in getting these people excited to make their own plans to share the gospel. We still have a lot of work to do, but I have a good feeling that even if we don't see immediate success it will come shortly. Probably after I get transferred, but that's okay.
Other than that we have seen some other little miracles. This week we went to the courthouse and got all the info needed to know how to get two illegal hispanics married. That, my friends, is a tough job. At least both parties have consented to do what they can to get it done. This means Leonarda's long wait to get baptized may be coming to an end. We are excited. Another miracle is I'm worthy again as President Baker came down to get my recommend updated. :) Other than that it has just been a simple week of gaining member trust. There is a lot more to do that we have planned this week, but things are happening.
Oh another thing is that I went on exchanges with an older missionary who is going home next week, which may have made me a little trunky since most of what he wanted to talk about when the day was coming to an end was BYU and marriage and other real-life junk. Anyway it does make me think about housing and all that other stuff I will have to worry about. Just wondering if there is any updated news on that stuff and also if Brianne or someone could look around for jobs open as well. Maybe she could see what requirements they are asking for now at the MTC. Just thought I would throw that in there. Well I love you all and hope this week goes great.
Con Amor,
Elder Burnham
P.s. I really enjoyed reading that letter to the presidents. I pray that it will be seriously considered and even more that it comes to pass.

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