Monday, April 29, 2013

The South Will Rise Again...

Wow sounds like a crazy week. I am glad to hear everyone is doing alright though and that the family is healthy and strong. Mom, thank you so much for the package. It was perfect and it actually took care of us for we had a skimpy week in regards to being fed by members. I don't know why, but we had to do a lot of cooking. Unfortunately my Hispanic companion has zero cooking skills in his native food groups. We were stuck to my American cooking and whatever else I could come up with. Nothing crazy. So the name of that man was Roman Castellanos and he is the most relaxed man I know. His whole family is loving the gospel and just eating up all the blessings that come from living it. Smithfield is a great area.
So this week for us was really good in some areas and rough in others. We are doing our best to improve where we can. We have been finding a lot through members, which is the only way to do missionary work, but we have seen lots of miracles this week form it. We are teaching a man's fiancee who is a little slow, but excited to learn. That is wonderful and all, but ever since we have started this the man has been super excited to do missionary work. He calls us up and says, "Elders I have a surprise for you. When you get to church I will give it to you!" Soooo we come to church and he hands my companion a receipt from Food Lion with a persons number and address on it and then he handed me a receipt from Walgreen's with the same. Every where he goes he is talking about what we are teaching and about his love for the Book of Mormon because it talks about Christ coming to the Americas and he then asks the cashiers and others if we can stop by and share it with them. He has done it with half used napkins from Taco Bell as well. Kind of disgusting I know, but I love it when members do missionary work like that. Referrals are the best.
Well other than that miracle the only other awesome experience we had was in Sacrament meeting. To preface this I'll just say that you can do what you want in NC. So some speakers didn't show up to talk today so the first counselor in the bishopric was asked to step in. For 30 minutes straight he bashed all of us on our lack of patriotism and how we are just being silent, sitting on our hands while the government is trying to take God out of everything. He gave some examples in the Book of Mormon of great leaders that tried to save their people, but they couldn't because the majority of the people rejected God. He basically said that as we sit silent and let these things happen we are rejecting God and we need to repent! He got all Jefferey R. Holland on us and even leaned into the microphone. It was a pretty intense talk about this land of promise and our duty to keep the commitments we made at baptism and in the temple to stand up for God in all things. THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN!!!!!!!!! Well I was inspired so I decided I would go out and do missionary work! :)
Well my delicious family I am grateful for everything that you do for me. I really have been blessed to have y'all in my life. Keep the love coming. Y'all are in my prayers. I sure hope things are going well over there in the nice California sun. I love you a ton! xooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxo
Con Amor,
Elder Burnham.

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