Monday, April 15, 2013

Eat, Drink and Be Merry

I am glad to hear y'all had a wonderful conference weekend and an even better fast Sunday. Fast Sunday is definitely the best day of the month for me. I love being able to bring investigators to hear the testimony of real people that could very well be their neighbors. This Sunday we had a lot of visitors that aren't investigators yet, but it was nice to see families inviting others to come to church. This week for us was a trial of our faith. I spent many minutes counting my blessings so I wouldn't get caught up in the trials that were being thrown at us. We had planned for an amazing week, but for one reason or another a lot of things just fell through. Our numbers don't do us very much justice, but I know we worked hard and still got out to find people. We are praying that this new week will be where everything will be made manifest. This last week we did do a lot of service for people. I got sun-burnt, but it was worth it. It felt good to do some hard work out in the yard of some members. We dug up and replanted an entire yard of grass, we helped build a shelter type thing for a member's tools, and we also did a lot of moving of boxes and other junk for an investigator. We got busy and it was nice. Member trust is growing out here which is needed. We also have a baptism scheduled for this next weekend so the work is progressing and the miracles are coming, we just can't get complacent.
So update on our investigators, the one family with crazy questions are still throwing them at us and we had to have a huge testimony throw down and explain to them the importance of the Holy Ghost. The spirit was felt, but we'll see if they want to recognize it or not. We just recently found a new investigator. She is 15 and impresses me every time we meet her. She is super intelligent and has been through a lot of problems with her family, but wants to come closer to God. Her family situation is crazy and I am worried about her mother's boyfriend getting in the way of things, but we'll see how it goes. She is fun to teach though because she reminds me of some friends back at home. I know Elder Sosa is a cute boy, but I think she really has strong desires to learn. ;) Other than that the rest of our teaching pool is growing, but we are still dividing the elect from the non-elect there.
Last night was pretty funny while we were out finding. We were looking for a former investigator and the GPS took us to the address of this small home. We got out of the car and walked up to 7 drunk Mexicans enjoying the last of their weekend. My funny companion decides to just ask them if they knew the guy we were looking for. They all said that he moved out a while ago. Well they then began to poke fun at us and asked us to share something about the gospel with them. My quick companion pulled out a scripture before I could think of something in response. He begins to read to them 2 Nephi 28 which talks about people saying eat, drink and, be merry for tomorrow we die. They all laughed at us and we invited them to repent and come unto Christ. They talked about coming to church and began to feel bad about themselves. We left them at that and figured they probably wouldn't remember it tomorrow, but we fulfilled our purpose, right?
Well my family that is all I have for now. I love you all a ton and I am glad to see things are going well.
Con Amor,
Elder Burnham

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