Monday, April 1, 2013

999,999 people

Y'all have had a great week it sounds like. I love hearing about how great my family is. :) Sounds like the family has definitely felt the spirit this week and that is by far the most important thing we can have in this life. I try so hard to get people to understand the importance of that heavenly gift and yet people still take it for granted. It is the most important gift!!! Anyway from picking apart the emails I tried to figure out how Ryan is doing since I didn't see his email. I want to know if things are improving with him and his trainer. He better start sending pictures out as well.
Anyway, Dad it would be much easier to get the newsletter by snail mail than print especially with some of these libraries that are stingy. I love getting those by the way. I sure hope a lot more ward members see it and share it. 
Well this week has been kind of odd. We have been improving a lot in some areas, but whenever that happens it means that another side needs more doctoring up. Well this week it was finding. We were very much blessed with having investigators accept baptismal invitations and are really progressing towards that step, but we just aren't finding like I want to be. I'm sure every one of my companions has been irritated with me saying that nothing happens in missionary work until we find people to teach. That comes straight from PMG. The funny part is they always ask me if I think we aren't actually doing anything. Yes I know we are working hard, but I would rather have some many in my teaching pool that I can't keep track of them. There are thousands of people in this city and every one we find and share the gospel with may not accept our message, but that means that we have raised our chances for finding the elect because now we only have 999,999 people left to contact instead of 1000000. :) I have had to train myself to love finding as much as teaching because finding the elect is the hardest part of this work. Anyway, the miracles are coming as we show forth our faith, but I am looking for more faith and bigger miracles.
I am super excited for next week. Conference as a missionary is always the best. We just seem to pay attention more as elders. I know that's bad, but at least it is happening. I just hope for some more crazy news like China is opening up or we all need to start preparing for a massive exodus to Zion or something. :) Anything could happen I guess.
Well family I love y'all to death and I am super excited for the work that is going on. Keep up the missionary work and remember you are in my prayers. Good luck on finding a home Jenni!
Con Amor,
Elder Burnham

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