Monday, July 2, 2012

Yall are the best!

I have to say that all my siblings are a trip. I love you all. Sara that was such a good email and definitely put a smile on my face. If everyone in the family didn't get a chance to read it yall should ask her to show you. :) I cant believe Jenni is prego again. That is so awesome. I'm exited for that when I come home. Other than that I just love all of you. Mom, I have read that scripture in ezekiel. In fact Pre. Marshall shared that exact scripture and explained it to me when I had my interview with him to go to the temple for the first time. Also I guess you don't remember, but on the drive up to the temple for that endowment session I shared that scripture and explanation with you and dad. :) It's okay though we all need refreshers. hahaha
So I hope Ryan is doing well...
And I hope Brianne is doing well...
Well things here are going great. Besides the fact that it was 105 and 80% humidity everything was just dandy. Our week was as good as we had hoped, but we definitely worked hard. We did so much this week to find elect people and we literally sweated doing it. It was a tough week, because we really did a lot and at first we had a lot, but slowly our lessons began to fall. People for some reason just couldn't keep their appointments this week. It was very upsetting. But on the upside we did find one man who was a friend of a member we had with us and he with his young family seem very promising. When we knocked on his door he told us to wait just a minute because he was finishing up the spaghetti he was making for his dogs. They do what they want out here. Anyway he finally invited us in and we began to meet this wonderful man. He is 32 and has two little kids. They are married which is soooooooo wonderful since everyone else we teach seems to be just living together and starting families, but never getting married. It's a real problem out here. Anyway we were excited to hear that and come to find out he had just started reading a book that has inspired him to find spirituality and a church. Well HERE WE ARE!!!!!! It was great, we explained a little about the plan of salvation because he showed a concern about wanting to have an eternal family and everything just went well. We are excited to see where this goes.
Other than that we taught a lot of lessons, but nothing as solid as that. This week should be an interesting one though. We have the 4th coming up and who knows what these southerners will have cooked up for that day. I assume we will see a lot of confederate flags next to the American one though. I love the south. These people are so great. A lot of them are very hardhearted and stuck in their ways, but they are still super loving and just amazing. Plus I'm falling in love with the southern draw. Well that's pretty much been our week.
Oh we did lose Pres. Cotterell the 28th. President Bernhisel and his wife are here and already working hard I assume. We officially meet them tomorrow so that will be exciting. Other than that the only other exciting thing is what I have eaten this week. It's funny that yall can almost expect some random food thing to be in my emails almost weekly.

corn worms - Yuck!
 Well this week it was corn worms. You will be seeing pictures eventually and a couple videos whenever I send the SD card. But anyway we were out shucking corn with our ward mission leader and almost every cob had these little caterpillar worm things on them and he decide that was going to be our dinner. So we collected them and fried them up over the fire we started. We just stuck them on some tinfoil with a little butter and salsa and that was what we ate. Surprisingly it was decent. I don't know how to explain it any other way. I guess yall could try it. :)
Well that was our week in the grand ole city of pickles. 
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I love you all very much and am very grateful for your support and prays. Thanks for everything.
Con Amor,
Elder Burnham

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