Monday, July 23, 2012

Mosiah 4

Wow reading that email made me tired. Yall had quite the week. I'm glad to hear it was so successful and the spirit was present. Brianne is lucky that she has had so many opportunities to use what she has learned on her mission already. Sorry to hear the week didn't start too great for Sara. Hopefully it will only get better every time. So things over here are starting to look up. I'm sure you noticed, but I had to replace two white shirts already thanks to animal blood and a cat. Luckily JCPenny was having a really good deal. ;) Well this week we have been working really hard and we have been blessed.I tell you it is such a blessing to have people to teach. I don't mind finding, but teaching is just sooooooo much better. We have set 3 new baptismal dates and we are very excited about where they are going. The progression of these people is absolutely spectacular. One of them is a black lady who is so funny because she is a choir member in her baptist church and she prayers like a boss. She just knows how to get into her prayers and really feel what she is saying. Its kind of hard to help her understand everything, but if we teach as simple as possible and slower she understands it. The other two investigators are actually a young hispanic couple that lives literally around the corner from the church. They have had missionaries teach them before, but I guess this time there is something different. the wife even walked over to the church yesterday morning. Now we have to work on the husband, but we are excited about them. We haven't really had any amazing, out of the ordinary experiences this week, but we have had success and we have seen the hand of the Lord in this work.
Brianne to answer your question, I must say that Mosiah 4 has been the chapter of my week. I think it is by far one of my favorites in the whole book. King Benjamin really helps understand things by putting them in terms even we in this time can understand. It's simple and frank and there aren't any gray areas. Just be obedient and love the Lord and understand that it is only by His power that we retain those blessings he has given us. Read it, love it, live it!
Well family I love you all to death. Keep up the good work and know that yall are in my prayers.
Con Amor,
Elder Burnham

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