Monday, July 30, 2012

Como estan?

It seems like the week went pretty well for all of you. I'm definitely blessed to have such a faithful and active family that can recognize the blessings we have recieved. Mom, yes you can use your spiritual preparation for those camp girls as an excuse this time. ;) I know you worked really hard on that and I'm sure the Lord is pleased. Now you don't have that excuse anymore so you get to be a regular super member missionary. I'll tell you though, I wish we had more of those in the ward here. Things have really been struggling. Apparently 7 of the 13 converts from this past year have already gone inactive and it doesn't seem like anything for retention is being done. We have been getting quite frustrated with the leaders here lately. We actually just got a new ward mission leader who is 80 something and does everything exactly as the handbook says it should be done. We are excited because we know for a fact he will start pushing the ward council where its probably a little uncomfortable, but they need it. The squeeky wheel gets the oil right? Besides that though things have been alright. We have been doing really well with our investigators and helping them come unto Christ except for one piece. It is so hard to get these people to church. They all told us they would be there, and we tried everything we could to help them, but come early Sunday morning and no one came. It is so tough to get them out to the church and two of our investigators literally live around the corner from the building, like a 30 second walk. I just don't get it. I feel like things are really going to change soon though. 
So interesting story, this week we tracted into a family that was hispanic and they were having a dinner at their house with a ton of people after their church service on Saturday. They are 7th Day Adventists and they are super nice. They let us right in and even ended up giving us food which is normal for their culture, but I have never met such a nice wonderful family from another faith who was so willing to invite us in and hear us out and even feed us. Most hispanics are exremely nice, but they were over the top. We ended up giving out copies of the Bookof Mormon and DVDs and they just loved it. Hopefully something miraculous will come from it. 
Now for another crazy story. You asked about the blood. I thought about attaching a video of what happened that my companion took, but I decided that would have been a bad idea. Well, our ex-ward mission leader is a hog farmer and spends a lot of time wirh piglets that he actually has to castrate as part of his job. No, we did not castrate any pigs if that is what you are thinking. BUT, a member in the ward knew that this was his line of work and she has a puppy that she doesn't want breeding. I don't know why I'm actually telling you this because you probably don't want to know this, but yes I was volunteered by Bro. Sutton to help him castrate this dog. I was wearing an apron and everything, but.. well yall can imagine. I hope that doesn't disgust you too much. I'm just out serving the people and trying my best to gain trust and help them help us. I sure hope my companion erases that video off his camera though. 
Well that was pretty much our week. We have had a lot of changes and a lot of good lessons and hopefully we will start to see things progressing in this ward. I hope yall are doing wonderful. I love you to death. Keep up the good work and don't forget me in your prayers. If there is anything I can do for anybody let me know. I want to know how Ryan's lesson in church went also. Oh also I don't know what its like out there, but politics is heating up out here. And here in the south they HATE Obama. Its so bad. I hear so many comments about that man. I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said Pray for Obama- Psalms 109:8, so I had to look it up. Check it out. Well I love you and I'm grateful for the support. 
Con Amor,
Elder Burnham

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