Monday, March 26, 2012

Family will live!

Hola Familia,
Good letters this week, I really appreciate them. First of all now I know what my siblings think of me. Thanks yall are punks. :) No it was good to hear even though I know you are wrong. :) I'll let you know that I am learning daily and I'm sure I'll be totally different when I get home guys so don't worry. And Sara I have to care about the way I look because how else will I be able to score a beautiful wife. You can't tell me that you as a teenage girl doesn't care about the way you look. Do you want a fat nasty dirty brother? :) Well I'll be honest and tell you all that what Mom and Dad said are probably the things I'm learning the most and are some of the greatest lessons that I can see being thrown at me almost daily. Ryan and Sara's comments are going to take time. hahaha
Dad can you send me the address that you have from Russell's snail mail? I still haven't gotten in communication with him. That's pretty awesome that he wrote you. I noticed that you send him and the other guys some of those awesome messages. Your thoughts and messages really are helpful and wonderful to read. Thank you for helping me grow even while I'm out here.
Mom first of all no we weren't able to meet up with C___, but we did set three new baptismal dates this week with knock-ins. We first met up with I___ from Peru who I think let us in only because we are gringos that speak her language, but it worked and she accepted our message. We found out that she even has a friend who is a less active member living in Morrisville. Then later in the week we went out with Presidente Issa. He took us out to eat at some Mexican restaurant and then we drove all over town going to lessons. He is awesome because even if one lesson falls through in Raleigh he will stay with us and drive us back down to Apex for another potential we might have. Anyway, with him we had zero success all night until the last door that we knocked on. We thought it was a lady that we had met weeks before, but when the door opened it was a young man who apparently just moved in. So we have no idea what happened to that original lady, but we are okay with that because we are now teaching A___ and E___ in what used to be her house. They are these two funny young single kids, not living together, not married, but are really good friends or at least we hope. Anyway, they were both really excited to learn from us and before we even taught the restoration A___expressed a desire to be baptized in the church and eventually get married in the church. He REALLY wants to get married, it was pretty fun to hear him explain this in front of his friend that is like a perfect candidate for marriage. Anyway we set two more dates and called it a night. It was a great week for finding and progressing. That was basically the highlight of the week besides on Friday when we had a meeting in Knightdale with Elder M. Keith Giddons from the seventy. He came and spoke to just our zone and we had like a discussion, not even just a talk. He taught more of the doctrine behind the Abrahamic covenant and how we covenanted as members of the church to do missionary work. SO.... GET 'ER DONE!
It was a good experience and I learned a ton. Something that really stuck out to me that I think you guys might like is he shared a scripture in D&C 31. Verse 5 talks about working hard and how are family will live. Read it! Anyway I thought about our family first and how as long as I give it my all then my family will be blessed. What I get out of it is that if we work hard and put our all into the work of the Lord, meaning everyone not just missionaries, then our families can live and hopefully rekindle something that can bring them back strong. Anyway I thought you might like that scripture.
Anyway, les amo mucho!!!! Keep up the good work. like nephi said, don't trust the arm of flesh but trust in God.
I hope you all are doing wonderful. I love you all to death.
Con Amor,
Elder Burnham

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