Monday, March 19, 2012

Feeling Full!!!

Hey guys how are you doing? I guess this week was super boring or something? :) I know for me it was definitely up and down. The beginning of the week was full of dropped appointments, but then near the end of the week things kind of slowly picked up. Thursday we were in the apartment until 5 doing studies and weekly planning and area book work, then a member came and picked us up for dinner. We headed to their house in Holly Springs and had dinner with their pretty large family. Hmno. Rodrigues fed us, his three daughters, their husbands,and three granddaughters. It was a fun dinner since the husbands are gringos and speak Spanglish. So one thing I didn't know before hand is that this family treats the Elders separately at dinner because they like to watch us suffer. So we get extra large plates with double the amount of food while everyone else just eats normal sizes and watches us die shoveling the rice, beans and chicken in. Then one of the daughters went into the kitchen and brought two mountains of ice cream in two bowls for just me and my companion. The family didn't even eat dessert, they just laughed at our suffering. They filled a bowl full of two flavors and added peaches to it, cookies, MnM's, and syrup. I was dying. But for the member trust I forced it down with a smile on and hoped that I could run it off the next day. These Hispanics are crazy about making me fat. I refuse!!!!!
Then Friday came around and we finally had a member present and a solid lesson with___. We found this guy by just knocking around and he let us in right away. He originally told us his name was Mario and then our second lesson he decided he trusted us enough to give us his real name. It was so nice to finally have another investigator that was interested again. He had so many questions and was so willing to learn more. I have faith that he is part of the elect. I can only pray though. The other great thing about that lesson was we had a member with us who was somewhat inactive because when he moved here the records about his priesthood got lost so he wasn't recognized as having the Melchizedek priesthood. But later they found paperwork that proved that he did and now he is super willing to got out with us and teach lessons. My companion and I have done a lot of work with him to show him that even when people make mistakes and do us wrong there is no reason to get down about it. Just stay faithful and keep working hard and all will be well.
Other than ___ we had some good success with tracting this week and finding more people, but we aren't completely sure how they will turn out. We have been working hard and have seen that it pays off. This work is definitely guided the Lord and it is so awesome to watch how he works. Even if I can't understand it.
That reminds me, I have made it a part of my personal study to make a list of things in the world that express God's love for us and prove that He exists. I would like to see what you guys come up with also. Maybe next week we can swap lists. Also I still want yall to answer that question I sent you a couple weeks back.
Well I love you all and I hope things are going great. Keep up the good work and let me know how life is. You guys are the best. Gosh I love my family to death.
Con Amor,
Elder Burnham

Another email from Elder Burnham

It was good to hear from you. And it's so awesome that Brookie is getting so much closer to that big date. I'm glad she is loving the scriptures. It remind me of a promise my mission president made to our zone at our last conference. He told us that if we will read the scriptures everyday with our children then not one of them will ever fall away from the truth. I think about how hard it was for our family back in Modesto to do that and we really didn't start reading as a family until before I left, but I know the power behind the scripts and that reading them daily really does have the power to keep that testimony strong. Pres. Bednar made the same type of promise to us in the MTC, except his was personal and that if we would continue to read the BOM with a question in mind then the mysteries of heaven will definitely be opened unto us. I have never read the BOM so thoroughly in my life.
Well it was great hearing from you and I hope you guys are doing wonderful. Oh and you may love the heat, but it SUCKS on a bike. This last week we were at 80 degrees with 100% humidity. woo hoo! Luckily we get the car this week.
Well I love you guys and I pray for you daily. Keep up the good work.
Con Amor,
Elder Burnham

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