Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hoping for a better week

Wow guys that was some of the greatest emails I have read from you guys. Thank you so much. I really felt the love and the spirit that is dwelling back at home. I hope you guys know that I thank my Heavenly Father daily for that fact that I was blessed to grow up in a home where the true gospel of our savior is taught. Thank you all so much. I sure hope those two younger siblings of mine appreciate it. They will eventually. :)
Dad that description of the crucifixion was intense, but I want to share it with everyone. It really does help one to understand that Christ went through so much for us. And the crazy thing is that the crucifixion part of his suffering wasn't even the worst of it. He really did suffer all pains and afflictions for us so that he could know us perfectly so that he knew exactly how to succor his people. I know that because of that great sacrifice all things are possible and that our family is going to be together for eternity because of it. Thank you for that. Keep sending me those things.
Mom, I hope you enjoyed that trip! Why is it that as soon as I leave all these awesome trips are getting planned. Thanks to Sara I now know that Ryan is headed to China! Punks!!!!! All well you guys don't get to be in NC where the fun is really happening. :) Anyway, that is way awesome that you got spend time with the Fam and even see Darrin and Nicki. It's good to know that they are all doing good. Tell them all that I love them.

So this week was a long and frustrating one. Just about all our lessons fell through. We were on track for 12 member presents in lessons and none of them worked out. We would go out to our lessons with the members and come home feeling horrible for wasting their gas and time. We spent so much time walking around to other potentials and nothing came of it. It was a tough week for us for sure. Hopefully this next week will look a little brighter. We have some good possibilities set up, but all we can do is pray for exito.
Entonces, no se lo que pensar de este semana proxima. Pero, una cosa buena, es que nosotros tenemos tres citas por cena. Estoy muy animado! Mi companero me dijo que nuestro cita este Jueves es con una familia que dara un Monton decomida. Recuarda que yo no quiero estar gordo, pero siempre me gusta la comida latino! Tendremos que ejercer mas duro la proxima dia. Entonces, estabien. Si estoy enfermo despues, tengo Pepto Bismal! :) Aunque, hay una cosa quepueda estar feliz.
Well I love you all guys. Keep up the good work and keep the love coming.
Con Amor,
Elder Burnham

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