Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Thunderstorms and Goals

Well I can't believe Brianne is almost headed home. That sure went by fast. Oh and I'm jealous she has that concert thing she gets to got to. Our mission has a temple trip at the end of this month, but that's the only special thing so far. Oh we found out that our new Mission President is coming in July. President Senior and his wife are from Mesa Arizona. He is around 51 I think. I'm excited to see how it goes, but at the same time I kind of wish I was having the same mission pres. the whole time. All well, it's all good. Um, today is the start of my second transfer. I can't believe I have been out for this long already. It's already 4 months done. That's nuts. This last transfer was really awesome and I guess that's why it went so fast. I'm assuming this next one will be even quicker. It looks like we will probably have another baptism by the end of March and another shortly after. Hopefully. We are teaching a woman we found the other day who we thought was not a solid investigator at all. I didn't think she would even open the door for our appointment, which we had a member for too. She surprised us and was there. We started the lesson and it was the most in tune Elder Carlisle and I have ever been with each other. My Spanish was pretty decent too. We asked her what her expectations were for us and she just told us that she knew we were religious men and that she just wanted to hear about the Bible from us. I got a fat smile on because we don't believe in the Bible in this mission. President has made it clear that we don't teach from the Bible because it's the BOM that is perfect, not the Bible. So we didn't mention the Bible once in our lesson except to explain that Joseph Smith read in Santiago 1:5. It was awesome. The spirit was so strong and she started to get emotional and then I was getting emotional and then it was just gross all up in there. :) But we just taught to her needs and let her know how this will bless her life and her family life. We left her with a BOM and she even prayed for us at the end of the lesson. Nothing could have been better. That was a solid day and we have a return appt. with her this Tuesday, hopefully it's just as powerful.
Well I'm trying to think of anything else that happened this week that was amazing or inspiring, but I can't really think of any. Um... I got a haircut. Oh there was an awesome thunderstorm here the other night that actually woke us up. It was so close. I felt like we had paparazzi outside our window or something. It was so awesome so awesome to watch. Not so sure that it was worth losing sleep over though. Oh and the rain made me had to pee that night soooooooooooo bad! It was a crazy night. :)
Well that's all that I can think of right now. Oh, so I have made it a tradition now that I'm going to answer some questions at the end of each transfer and I wanted to ask you guys one of them also. The question is: "What changes would you like to see in yourself at the end of your mission?" So my question to you is, What are some changes you would like to see in me by the end of my mission? Just curious.
Well I love you all so much and I hope all is going well. Thank you so much for your support. Keep working hard and keep me posted. I love you all to death. Keep looking for those missionary moments.

Con Amor,
Elder Burnham

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