Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Holy Cow!!!

Okay there is so much I have to write this week. Both emails and snail mail. And I still don't have stamps so I guess I'm just going to buy some today? :) Anyway first off Sara you are a beast. I'm so proud to hear you are loving dance and that you are playing the piano. Those two talents that you get to share with others is going to be so much more valuable than you might think. Keep working hard and blowing people away with all the new things you are learning. Oh and stop having crushes on all these boys.
Ryan I'm glad to hear you have made your decision on BYUI. I think Brianne is funny in saying that going to LDSBC would be tough, but I could see how fun and tempting living in the city would be. I would have had a blast. ;) Anyway I'm excited for you and you better keep me up to date on all that college junk. Also I'm jealous of your China trip coming up. Take good picks and then asap send them to me. Have a good time Ryan and be smart. Learn some awesome Chinese. Shoot this could be a door opener for Heavenly Father to show you what your mission may be like. hahaha :)
Dad thank you for that story. I enjoy reading those things all the time, especially about the savior. Those stories are perfect to share with member families here and it spices up our teaching when we have to share something with those active members that are working hard. There is one thing I wanted to share with you that stuck out at me in conference. Lately my comp. and I have been thinking pretty deep and getting into long discussions about doctrine that isn't the most pertinent to our work, but fun. Anyway when Richard G. Scott got up to speak he started off by thanking the people for their support and for the support of his wife from the other side. I began to think about how much the deceased probably really do help us. It reminded me of Moroni 7:29,31 and how miracles have not ceased and neither has the work of angels. And also that the work of angels to preach the gospel. This also reminded me of when Elder M. Keith Giddons of the seventy came and spoke to us and told us that when we are doing missionary work we are entitled to the companionship of the angels to help preach His gospel. I believe that this can relate to anyon1st area- Carye that is working in any form to help build the Kingdom of God here on Earth. Also that how much more do you think that our loved ones that have passed are helping us. The support we feel from beyond the veil, besides the spirit of the Lord, I would imagine is mostly coming from those ancestors of ours that love us and only want the best for us. Conference this week was spectacular and that may be more because I am a missionary now, but the things that I learned and felt were so strong. I'm so grateful to be a part of the true church where the prophets of the Lord can share the truth and interpret the scriptures in the right way for us to learn and grow and become that much closer to our Savior. I love you Dad thanks for everything.
Mom, yes as missionaries we are to go to all sessions of conference. We had one investigator there on Sunday, but Saturday we were pretty lonely. And I'd say that the Saturday sessions were so perfect. The apostles basically taught the restoration and the plan of salvation for us. I'll have to share the talks with our investigators when they get printed out. Oh and I feel that everyone who doesn't get to see the priesthood session is getting shafted big time. We got fed so much spiritually this conference. It was nice to hear more about priesthood callings and the power of the priesthood, rather than pornography and fatherhood. :) That is just my selfish side though. So, no I haven't had to translate yet, luckily. I have seen my comp. do it and it doesn't look fun at all. My Spanish is improving though and I'm talking more and more. It's definitely un don de Dios! Anyway, I'm glad you were all successful this week at getting everything done. What is your next project?
Well I love you all and I hope everything is going well. I hope I was able to respond to everyone in a satisfactory manner. Time kind of constrains me, but I'm sure you are all okay. I love you all to death. Thank you so much for your support. I hope Easter Sunday is absolutely wonderful. Keep working hard and remember to do that missionary work.
Con Amor,
Elder Burnham

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