Monday, April 23, 2012

Holy Cow

So holy cow you guys had quite the eventful week. I'm pretty jealous. My week wasn't nearly as exciting except for my new comp. First of all I need Ryan or Sara to get a hold of Paige still, Mom I need you to keep being awesome,  and Dad you just need to beat Ryan or something for old times sake. :) (I couldn't think of anything else.) Ryan It was way good to hear from you about that experience. I can't believe you're legal. No it doesn't really feel different, but wait until you receive the Melchizedek priesthood. Having that awesome blessing really means something and only helps one to come closer to our savior. The power you will be able to hold will only bless lives, nothing less. So keep up the good work and keep reading the BOM!
So Monday afternoon Elder Forsey from Arizona came to Cary to do some work with Elder Burnham. He has been out for 18 months and he was in Raleigh before as a zone leader. Now he is serving, probably in his last area, as our district leader. He is a fantastic missionary and I have so much more to learn from him. He is such a nice guy and quite soft spoken, but he is a leader and knows how this work should be done. This transfer is going to be a good one. Elder Carlisle got transferred to Albertson, where I am told there are more pigs than people. He likes the campo though so he will love it there.
Now on to the week that was not as awesome as I wish it was. Elder Forsey and I did pretty well our first week together contacting a lot of people and receiving referrals, but now very many set lessons stuck. Most of our lessons this week were with nice people that were willing to invite us in. There was a baptism this Sunday for an investigator in Garner and we invited EVERYONE to it. We worked so hard to talk to everyone and really improve the work here and we thought we were doing so well and then Sunday came around. Not a single one of our investigators showed up at all. We had 5 confirm the day before and no one came. I was so depressed and bummed. Luckily going to the baptism kind of lifted my spirits, but I was just upset that so many would stand us up. And even worse was that Ingrid, on of our investigadoras, was scheduled to have her baptismal interview that morning too and she also didn't show up. We have a lot of doctrine to help people understand so that they will change their attitudes towards the importance of Sunday. Well that was basically our week. We started off feeling great, but then it fell through. I'm sure that is a normal thing out here in the mission field, but it was horrible. 
Other than that everything was pretty normal. I'm still loving the work and I have faith that everything will get better. 
I feel kind of sorry for Brianne, but I'm proud of her for keeping to it and finishing strong. Don't let those greenies take over. It's sad that she is almost home, but then she will have more time to write me and send me inspirational things. I'm glad that we will be able to be on the same page about a lot of things. 
Well I love you guys and I'm glad to hear everything is going well. Keep working hard and keep praying for those missionary opportunities. Remember that our message of the restoration really is quite simple and that EVERYONE needs to hear. 
1. God loves us.
2. The gospel blesses families
3. Christ atoned for us and set up His church.
4. Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God and restored that authority. 
Take those four points and spread it around to everyone you know. Then let the missionaries and the spirit do the rest.
I love you guys to death. 
Con Amor,
Elder Burnham 

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