Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Keep the spirit

Wow sounds like another good week. First of all tell Jake that he broke his promise of writing me after he went to the temple for the first time and he bet jump on it. Second tell him I love him and I'm super excited for him to be serving. I don't have any other suggestions for him, but maybe some stamps. The missionaries really get taken care of and I don't know too much about what it will be like outside the country. I'm proud of him though.
Sara way to go! Keep working on those talents. I wish I could play the piano. It's funny here in the branch because is like zero musical talent. In fact if the organ didn't have a record feature on it then we would be singing acapella every Sunday. Luckily one of the counselors in the branch can go up and press play on the organ and then sit there and act like he is actually playing. It gets me every time.
Ryan I answered your other email on your email account so check it.
Dad, my bike is working well so far and I treat it right. I do have an SD card that I will send out soon so don't worry. It's hard to keep up on taking pictures. It's not like I'm seeing crazy things daily, but I try to catch what I can.
Mom, sounds like you have been busy. Giving blood, running errands, crying in church. What an awesome week! :) This week for me was pretty eventful. All the investigators we have right now all have interesting stories. We taught this man Mario who is in his 50's and is just studying about everything right now. Originally the English elders were teaching him, but then when he got more interested he decided that he would like to understand EVERYTHING so he asked if the Spanish elders would come and teach him. So we went over and first had quite the interesting conversation about how he was studying about the Nazi's and how a group or cult or something was giving him this book to ponder about and look into. It was weird, but luckily he decided Christ was the way to go and now he is looking into the truth. We are excited to teach him. Then later a random member from an English ward called us and told us they have a family to teach and that was it. So we planned for it and met this family way down in holly springs and had a wonderful lesson. The entire family felt the spirit and really was intrigued by the message. The accept all of our invitations except one. At the end of our lesson with them we went to invite them to be baptized and to set a goal for a certain date,......... And also if you guys go out with the missionaries, unless the spirit is slapping you in the face to say something, don't contradict them. It would be like me telling him how to run his business because I'm American and he is from Mexico and he doesn't understand how it works. Baptism is only the beginning. And it sounds a little silly to me to not want these blessing to come to someone you love. Now, I know he loves this family and just wants the best and doesn't want to lose them and I am very appreciative that he called us to teach them. We are excited to teach this family again and hopefully we can help some people understand true doctrine so that we can help this wonderful family come unto Christ. This work is awesome. :)
Later in the week we taught our most solid investigadora, Ingrid who is planning to get baptized the 13 of May which is also mothers day, so I hope that I have some awesome stuff to say to Mom on that day. Ingrid is working on leaving coffee behind, but she has a testimony and knows she can do it, so we are excited for that also. This week was really good and full of great lessons for both me and the investigators. Elder Forsey and I are putting our shoulders to the wheel and working our tails off.
Okay, now speaking of Mom's day, what time do you have church? If we do have the baptism, which we should, it will be over around 3ish our time soooo.... just let me know in the next email. Oh one more thing am I going to receive an absentee ballot or something like that. The election is coming to be pretty big over here right now, so I thought I'd ask about that. I don't what's really going on, but if you could just let me know.
Well I love you guys to death and I hope things are going wonderfully. Keep working hard and keep searching for opportunities to do missionary work.
I love you guys.
Con Amor,
Elder Burnham

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