Monday, May 7, 2012

Woooo Hoooo!

Wooooo hoooooooo! That was an awesome set of emails. I can't believe Brianne is home. It is just so weird that she is home now on the member side of things now. She is going to be able to do so much over there. Serving a mission really helps you understand true doctrine to help you become truly converted which helps in every aspect of the gospel. It is the difference in being active in the church and being active in the gospel. I love you Brianne! So tell me Brianne, are you trying to keep the schedule or is sleeping in just a few more hours too heavenly to give up? :)
Wow you guys had such an amazing week. It is just so unreal what has happened for you guys. So Dad, thank you for that letter. I love it when you send those stories and when it is a hard copy it is so much better because I am keeping a binder with all that stuff. Also thanks for getting me that address. So what is it like having those senior missionaries in the ward....Dad, I can't imagine how stressful being a bishop is, but this work can get up there at times. I just love watching the Joseph Smith story to calm me down because I know I have not experienced anything he has. Plus as a missionary it is my favorite movie. Even in Spanish! So reading that Spanish was great. I'm impressed how well it was. By the time I get home we should be conversing hopefully. :) Maybe I can help translate for Hna Barrios someday. :)
Mom, I bet you shed sooooooo many tears this week. I wish I could have been there to give Brianne a hug too. Someday though. Hopefully she is still single then also. ;) Now you can whip her into shape and show her how to work out and also you will have a companion to walk in the mornings. My mind is still blown that she is home. It is just so unbelievable. I'm expecting a lot to come from her. She knows what it is like out here and I'm sure she has great material that can help me. Also, Brianne, when it comes to referrals we ask EVERYONE!!! My mission Pres. stresses it a lot. His biggest thing is the back cover of PMG. He says that the only page we really need to be successful is that back cover. Luckily we have more than that though. I love that book though. Hey are you going to try to work at the MTC? Anyway back to mom, I guess things are starting to get stressful now huh? Girls camp is coming up. Now you have a helper for a while though. Also I'm way excited to call you guys on Sunday. It looks like it may be closer to 3ish your time because we will be having a BAPTISM for Ingrid that day and then an appointment right after so it will be busy. But it will make for a great phone call. We are so excited that Ingrid is finally going to make that compromiso.
um I will be sending some pics soon to Jenni so get ready. Also I was talking to my comp recently and we decided we are really starting to crave home treats. Just something simple like rice krispies or cookies or something. I can't remember the last time I even had regular chocolate or anything like that. Latino desserts aren't always the best. I really enjoy tres leches though. Oh also I know it will be hard to understand, but I found another artist that I like. Her name is Marisella Vandera. Her and Jesus Romero are probably two artists I will listen to for a long time. They make great Christian Spanish music. You guys should listen to it. :) One more thing my comp has a little Webster electronic dictionary thing for Spanish and it is way nice and easier than a dictionary. Also it helps conjugate words and it is pocket size so I can take it church. I was just wondering if you could look into that.
Well I love you guys to death and I still can't believe that Brianne is on to her next mission in life. Keep working hard and keep searching for opportunities to share a little message. And watch those Bible Videos, they are mind blowing. I love you guys.
Con Amor,
Elder Burnham

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