Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Good Food and Good People!

Wow so much has happened. Both at home and here. I just got bombarded by emails. Thanks though I'm feeling the love. Dad thanks for the love. Mom just keeping hard on the camp stuff and remember D&C 122. :) Oh so mom my trainer Elder Carlisle actually doesn't know them. That would have been crazy though. And thank you Ryan for listening to the spirit and also taking the time to solve my feet problem. Actually I haven't had much problem with it here. It's nice. I love you all. Oh and Jenni make sure you send pics.
So here we go. The first day here I slept in the basement at the mission home and did a bunch of orientation stuff. SUPER BORING. Then the next day we met our trainers and took off to our areas. Funny story. At the transfer meeting where we meet our trainers I met an elder who was headed home that day. He is from Tonga and is just crazy. Anyway he was telling us how for dinner just recently, because he was out of money he lured a goose in near his apartment with cheerios. Then with a golf club he found smacked it and killed. Then he just plucked the thing and boiled it. I was impressed, disgusted, and amused. It was great. Got to love the foreigners. Anyway so then we headed to our apartment then to the store to buy some food and then to our first appointment. We had a lesson with an investigator named Oscar, who is actually getting baptized next Sunday. Pretty sweet right. I get to my first area and have a baptism within the first two weeks. Pretty solid welcome in my opinion. It was a good lesson. I understood most of it and even bore my testimony of the power of the BOM. I love understanding Spanish. :) So the next few days were filled with tons of study because greenies get extra study time. Then we knocked around this apartment complex that is just golden. We get so many contacts there. My companion speaks Spanish fairly well and fast. He is still way better at speaking and understanding though. I have found that Mexicans and Argentines are actually the easiest to understand. Cubans, Dominicans, and Chileans are ridiculously fast. Oh my gosh! This one lady in the branch here speaks like a Spanish auctioneer. It blows my mind. And she's married to this big white guy who can't speak a lick of Spanish and doesn't have a job. In fact he does that couponing thing like that TV show. They are awesome.
So the week so far has been mostly filled with that. Lots of lessons and contacts and referrals and lots of dropped ones too. We get stood up a lot. Hispanics are so nice and love to welcome you in the first time, and then they avoid you after that. The mission rule is that for Spanish speakers we have to teach them twice to count them because our numbers were just so high for first lessons, but then super low for progression. I guess President is just trying to cut down on inflation.
The work here has been very off and on. This Sunday though was so much fun. The members in the Spanish branch just love us gringos. I had to bear my testimony in sacrament mtg and that was fun. Even in my broken Spanish I got my point across and I got them to laugh by telling them I want to learn how to speak like that Chilean sister. It was great. Also everyone in the branch wants to feed us at some point. And mmmmmmmm their cookin' is BOMB! I have had mole which is not pronounce like the animal. Pronounce it like a Hispanic. Its chicken with some kind of rice in this spicy sauce. I don't know the ingredients, but its so good. I have eaten a lot of pollo. They love chicken. I have never eaten so many different flavors and forms of chicken and I have only been here a week. It's awesome being a Spanish elder here. Well so far so good. I'm healthy and not fat....yet. :) My bike works well, except I hate riding on these hills. Ugh! We have a car every other week because we share with the English elders down the road. But it's been fine.
Well I hope you are all doing well. Oh mom I need Russell's address again. I just need his mission home. I lost it.
Um, oh yeah that would be great if you could send those socks and also I think I'm going to need those short sleeve shirts sooner rather than later. It isn't cold at all here. I'm dying on my bike. It has rained once, but then cleared up and it feels so nice here. I hope that won't be too much of a hassle with camp stuff and all. If it is just make Ryan do it. :) Love ya bud! (By the way Ryan, way to go on following the spirit.)
Well guys I love you all. Keep up the good work.
Con Amor,
Elder Burnham.

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