Friday, January 20, 2012

Last Friday in the MTC

Hey everyone! Today is my last Friday. And it is full of an all day orientation where we learn valuable things to use out in the field. It's nothing I haven't already heard or experienced though. I am super excited though because I think I can be pretty clever when it comes to talking to strangers. If you have any ideas or funny stories about contacting or finding people let me know. I can't wait to astonish people out in Raleigh. Um well we get another P-day tomorrow since today is taken up by orientation, so I might email tomorrow also.
Hey Dad it was amazing Elder Mills and I had just studied that same story in the BOM when I got your letter about it. That was way cool. I don't think many missionaries understand the importance of the H.G. in this work. Sin el Espiritu Santo en su obra, nadie vendre a Cristo. I can´t explain the amount of spirit I´ve felt here. In just teaching lessons in our class with our teachers we feel the spirit so strong. There really is a difference when you teach people and not lessons. It will definitely be something I take into my life forever. I am so freaking excited to finally leave the MTC and put the things I have learned into action. Even my choppy horrible spanish.
So i get to attend the temple each Pday, so I have been like 6 times because it was closed during Christmas time.
So thanks for ordering the bike. I sure hope it gets there on time. I heard that spanish speakers in Raleigh usually have cars though. That could be good and bad. We´ll have to see how I am fed.

I´ll always miss my family and friends, but nothing will pull me away from this work.
What you feel out in the mission is not something you get in the real world.
We saw an amazing talk given by Elder Holland about this work. He definitely threw down the hammer. He literally said that if you can't give your all to the Lord then just go home now! He is so bold. I love it! He said as a missionary we can't miss any opportunity to be apostolic. We have the same name as the apostles for two years. It might be a lower case apostle because we don't hold the same keys, but we are Elders in His church. He also said Don't Have Any Regrets! This is our chance to change people's forever, their eternity, their earthly life. We need to understand the importance of this calling. With that understanding we will be such successful missionaries. We are tools in God's hands and Man's extremity is God's opportunity. We have to led Him guide us. He also went into being obedient, which once again he was very bold. He said that this is God's work, therefore, you have to do it His way. We have to be obedient to be successful. Our power as missionaries comes off of our obedience to the commandments of the Lord.
The last thing he said that really hit me was that there is a reason this work isn't easy. Even though this is the true church and God wants everyone to have this restored gospel, it is not easy because salvation is not cheap. Salvation is not a cheap experience. Why should it be easy for us as missionaries or for the investigators if it wasn't easy for Him? The road to salvation goes through Gethsemane and it is not easy. We have to help these people realize this. It is necessary. but it takes a lot of work on our part. Luckily God is right there to help us. I love this gospel and I love everything it has brought in my life. Now I have to go out and share it with everyone. I have to go out and astonish people. And I will!

I love you all, don't forget it.

Elder Burnham.


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