Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Te Amo Mucho

Alright so not much has happened this week. Sorry to hear about Aunt Carol. She was always fun to be around. It will be nice to see family, but yeah I agree not the funnest time. It's good that we have knowledge of the life after. That is always comforting. Well Its good to hear that everyone is doing so well.

Man I don't really know what to write this week. Not much happened. Maybe I'll write you guys snail mail if something comes to me.
Aunt Laurie sent me a new years package and that was awesome to get. Nothing really happened here for New Years. Oh there was a tie bazaar outside my room. Apparently ties go like money here. It just a giant trading market of ties. Everyone just brought ties and wandered around trading. I didn't really want to trade anything because not very many people have the flacko corbatas (skinny ties) that I like. So when Ryan comes out here just send all his ties with him because he can just trade around the ones he doesn't like. It gets pretty crazy. Kind of like the patches at the jamboree.
Well um....Brianne wrote me about her experience with the atonement and that was interesting. Didn't really answer any of my questions, but it was good to hear that she loves the atonement as much as I do. :)
Um.........I am almost done with the BOM for the second time. I think when I finish this one with that question I had in mind I'll send it home and you guys can start keeping them safe for me so when I get back I'll have the start of my collection going. And maybe you guys can read through them and add whatever you want or feel in regards to the question I have written in the front cover.
Well I'm healthy, still hating the food and just can't wait to get to the field. After this week my district will be the oldest in our zone. We are all ready to head out. My Spanish is alright. I feel like I can understand more then I can speak. Subjunctive sucks!!! Um I don't really have any goals for before I leave besides finishing this BOM. I do really want Wilson's address, so I don't care if Ryan has to go to Singles ward to ask his Sister. I want that address. It's important to me. Have him ask anyone that might know of any way on facebook. Have him do what he can and constantly call his phone.
Well I love you guys. You are the best. If you get this soon and can write back immediately, do it. I still have 15 minutes allowed on the computer so I might have time to get back on write some more to you. Well I love you all. Hasta Luego!
Con todo mi amor,
Elder Burnham

For those of you that can speak Spanish...here ya go:

Hey I need my mission home address. You didn't send it to me. Could you dear elder that to me¿ Muchas gracias!
Pregunta. Como puede missioneros ayuda otras personas sentir la desea tener una cambia de corazone¿ Yo se es impossible hacer a una persona cambiar. Pero, que puedo hacer ayudar la gente de North Carolina, quiere el evangelio en sus vidas¿ Y que puedo decir en mi visitas con la gente¿ Este es mi pregunta. Por favor ayudame con alguna cosa que venir a su mente.
Yo espero ustedes entienden mi pregunta, y mi espaƱol.
Te Amo Mucho.
Hasta Luego,
Elder Burnham otra vez.

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