Friday, January 13, 2012

God's Blessings

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So just to let you know I did send you guys snail mail so it will come soon hopefully. Thank you so much for getting Wilson's address for me. That
means a lot to me. So.... How has your week gone? How was the funeral? I'm glad you were able to send me the email from Uncle Jim. It's always good to know that our family has such a great knowledge about this gospel. It is definitely evident that families are super important to our heavenly father. It's funny how often the Elders guy start talking about girls and then families and stuff. Anywhere else the girl talk doesn't go past messing around with them for one night. But here it goes all the to eternity. But we are still guys so girls are a subject nonetheless.

Um I did send Jenni an SD card. I hope she gets it safely. And I will need it back soon or the other one because I am leaving soon and I need one in my camera. :) Also thanks for remembering about the Phone card, that will be necessary since I get to call at the airport. I finally got my travel plans this week. Here is the bad news. I have to get up before 4 in the morning to get to the travel office and check in. Our flight leaves at 7:30 on the 23rd. How horrible is that?! But I am still super stoked to finally get out in the field. Getting letters from Brianne, Ben, and Russ are all making me super anxious. I hope to be as successful as them. Ben is super funny when he writes me. He loves when I write in Spanish and he has to try to translate it. Well this week I sent him a page and a half all in Spanish. Muahahahahaha, good luck on that one Ben! It probably isn't even completely correct Spanish, but we'll see how he does.
I'm super happy that I don't come across as a robotic missionary. That is one of the things that I have promised myself that I would work super hard on not becoming. I guess when you are speaking a foreign language it's kind of hard to do that anyway.

Well not much has happened. Oh my companionship got called to be the new zone leaders last Sunday. We now have double responsibility and have to try to squeeze in personal study time. I'm sure I'll be blessed because of it so I'm just working hard. It's not too bad, except for dealing with disobedient missionaries. We have a pretty good zone though so its usually minor things here and there. Oh except there is one elder in my district who a teacher pulled us out and asked us how we felt about him maybe staying behind in the MTC a little bit longer. I think it would kill him, but in reality I believe its a good decision. He needs to work on some more things before he starts asking others to come unto Christ. That was a pretty crazy experience especially for our first day as Zone Leaders. Well other than that things have ran smoothly.

Yesterday our district had one of the most spiritually intense days of my life. I have never witnessed the spirit so strong. We were asked to teach each other during class and to teach to each others needs as real people. We weren't playing any role, just being ourselves. After the lesson our teacher, who was also bawling, asked us all to take the next ten minutes to write down this experience and our feelings so we couldn't forget it. Elder Robinson couldn't stop crying. It was a happy cry though. He had the biggest smile on his face, but man he could not stop feeling the spirit. He went to get up and give everyone hugs and as he tried he fell to the ground and just laid there. It was literally like the King Lamoni story. He wasn't unconscious, but he did have the strength to get up. But we all knew he was fine and happy. Eventually we helped him up and went around and gave us all huge hugs telling us how thankful he was and how much he loved us. He told us he has never been this happy or felt this much love ever in his life. He said he found emotions to be a weakness so he just destroyed any kind he had. Until that day. I know it was all because of his companion. I also know that God knew that only Elder Vincent could reach his heart. This work is amazing. I love it here. Now I know I didn't do this story justice and I wish everyone could have witnessed it, but it was spectacular to literally see a change in the heart of someone else. I hope to be able to do that out in the field.
I know this is the true church. I have a testimony of the gospel. I know Jesus is the Christ and through Him anything is possible.
Life is great, today is great. Why is it great? Because our Savior and Redeemer lives!!!
I love you all. Please don't forget to notice the blessings God has given us. Thank Him everyday for the things he does for us.

I love my family. I will work my butt off.
Well keep the lovin' comin'.

Con Amor
Elder Burnham.

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