Monday, February 6, 2012

The Good and Bad

Elder Burnham's District
Um...this Sunday was good and bad. We did have our baptism which was awesome. Oscar was baptized finally. We had a great service and some of the members bore their testimonies at the service and just started to bawl. The spirit was so strong. We baptized him on Sunday right after sacrament meeting because its the only time we can get most of the members of the branch to show. It's amazing how many of the Hispanic population here works almost non stop everyday. The people here are very humble and can just be happy with such simple means. Well except for the fact that they all own the biggest TV's. They live in tiny trailers, but rock 50inch TV's it's ridiculous. The other thing about the Hispanic population is that they are so nice. We get first lesson appointments all day, but then instead of telling us they aren't interested the next time they just avoid us or they just don't answer the door, even when they know we know they are there. The peep wholes don't really hide whether you are looking through it or not. It's fun to just stare them down. We try to stare them into the guilt to let us in. :) So anyway now that I went off on that rant, the reason the rest of Sunday wasn't so great was because all our appointments once again fell through. It was such a boring Sunday after the baptism. So far that's been the highlight of the week. Not much has happened except finding a lot of people for first lessons. It's unfortunate.
Oh we did have interviews with Pres. Cotterell on Thursday. I went in there with so doctrinal questions that I was hoping he would answer for me, but he basically just rebuked me and told me not to think so deep. He told me if it won't help my investigator then just don't worry about it right now. He said stick to only studying preach my gospel and the scriptures within it, and then after I have mastered it and mastered teaching it then I not only will receive some of my answers, but then I can start digging deeper into it. It was not the answer I wanted from him, but it was definitely a good learning experience. Pres. Cotterell is the man and I'm kind of sad we lose him half way through.
Well it was super good hearing from you. I hope all is well. I love you guys to death!
Hey you should trade emails with Russell's mom so that she can forward my stuff to him and you can forward his stuff to me. And we already have been writing through snail mail, but it would be nice to hear about the other stuff. Well keep up the good work. Oh hey I never heard how the Severe BOM ended up. Any signs of interest? Did they respond to it? Let me know how things are going?
Also Ryan go out with the missionaries as often as possible. I feel bad now because now I realize how hard it is to get members to go to lessons with you, and its important that we have a member present in as many lessons as possible. So make it a goal to get out there Bro! Also I hope the whole family is trying to find missionary opportunities. If we really want to put our will in line with God's will and if his will is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man then we should be trying to do the same. Which is by sharing the gospel.
Well keep up the good work and keep the love coming. You guys are the best.
Buenes Suerte y Hasta Luego!

Elder Burnham

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