Monday, February 13, 2012

Planting the seed and eating good food!

These are pictures from the MTC

... I'm glad that Brianne and I can be a cause of spreading the gospel without even having to be there. ...If there's something I learned is that it's all about planting the seed. All we can do is pray that something will cause that seed to grow. Just like Alma 32 states. If it is a good seed and if they just have the smallest of a desire then over time it will swell in their breast.
...They love to feed the elders. And I am loving to eat their latino food. It is sooooooooo good. We had taquitos con papas this last week which is like a taquito filled with this wierd potato paste stuff. It's hard to describe, but it is so good. Anyway I was just wondering.
So I found out that Elder Mills [from MTC district], in Tennessee is doing good and he said it's because his zone leader is the man. His zone leader is some Elder Bolton. :) I thought that was interesting.
So here's a spiritual thought I came across today. In 2nd Nephi chapter 4 I believe is when Nephi is talking about how he feels horrible for being a wretched man and being mad at his brothers. Well as you read he then realizes his issues and how he needs to repent and he starts to thank God and realize that it was all on God that he is where he is and all this stuff. Anyway I would recommend everyone to read it. But the reason I loved it so much is because I would say that being truly converted is following the example Nephi and coming to the same realization he did. We are nothing without God. I always asked the question, what does it mean to be truly converted? Well now I think I have a good idea. Between Alma 5 and 2 Nephi 4 we can really learn the answer and hopefully strive to reach that point in our lives...
Well I love you all. Keep up the missionary work. It is your responsibility after all. ...

Love Elder Burnham

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