Monday, October 7, 2013

Last General Conference on my Mission :(

This week was up and down all over the place. You can't get much better than conference weekend though as a missionary. We had a pretty good week full of teaching and finding and receiving revelation. We met a new neat little family that has the same story as almost every other Hispanic out here. They working all the time, have cute little kids, grew up catholic and aren't active, and love the Bible. But after all that they felt the spirit of the restoration and want to get baptized. They still have a lot to work on which may take them a while and I may not be here to see them through, but they are a good family. That always feels good to talk with families like that.
So conference brought a lot of revelation as well as a ton of soul-searching questions. I decided that instead of going into to detail with it all I would just list them off for you and let you consider the questions and inspiration and to have you figure out which question or goal goes with what talk. :) This is what I walked away with after this weekend:
  • We are here to learn and then go home to apply and obey. (Is that the same principle for the mission or even for this entire life?)
  • Meeknes/Humility and Gentle persuasion is how we overcome difficult people.
  •  Am I determined enough or have the courage to remain faithful through difficult circumstances?
  • Do I have faith in God's specific plan for me?
  • Do I have faith in the covenants I have made?
  • Never feel like I have done enough!
  • Am I living up to my potential as a missionary?
  • Is it a blessing to work with less?
  • Could the blessing be to go without?
  • I need to be more keen on finding the spiritual blessing of obedience rather than the temporal.
  • I love being a member of this church because the ability I have to act and to use my talents to help others. Are we not the happiest when we sincerely help someone else with a problem they couldn't fix themselves? 
  • GOAL: Never miss an opportunity to study scriptures with future family.
  • My future wife has to understand the importance of her role and heed the prophets counsel when geared towards women. :)
  • How can I share the burdens of women. 
  • How can Christ forgive others through us?
  • How does the Atonement's power of forgiveness really work?
  • Be quick, but don't hurry!
  • Do members fear the revelation they will receive by seeking inspiration to do missionary work?
  • GOAL: Conduct family missionary council with future family.
  • GOAL: Share, what I didn't in the past, with friends back from school.
  • What impact did my primary teachers have on me?
  • Have I internalized the testimony found in the 13 articles of faith?
  • Why do we have to make mistakes to become a champion?
  • I want to be the champion NOW, so how do I overcome the fear that that won't happen?
  • GOAL: 100% home teaching every month.
  • How can I become friends with those I home teach?
  • What choices have led me to love the Lord with all my heart?
  • For what purpose have I been sent to each person I meet in my life?
  • What is my ultimate priority?
  • I know challenges I have never experienced before are on their way, will I remain steadfast and of good cheer during those moments?
  • How can I really cast my burdens upon the yoke of Christ?
  • GOAL: Always go to every Sunday meeting.
  • How can I make the sacrament more serious in my life?
There is a lot here and I may already have the answers to most of these questions, but they were all self-reflecting points that came to my mind as I sat and listened. It sure was a great weekend. I am sad this was my last conference as a missionary, but it was perfect.
There is a lot more to be learned. Well family I thought I would just share those things with you to ponder. I love you all and I am grateful for the Happy Birthday wishes. Mom, I too will be needing all new "Holy Underwear" for when I get home. Missionaries kind of trash the ones we wear. I probably will get rid of most of the ones I have out here so I'll need some for when I am home. Also have y'all decided on what I should do with my bike? Time is winding down. We are on crunch time now. Let me know when you can. Oh also I would love to go with Aunt Laurie on that special trip. :)
I love you all!!! xoxoxoxo
Con Amor,
Elder Burnham

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