Monday, October 8, 2012

That's what I'm talking about!!!

This conference was absolutely amazing. Yes I did get to see it and in fact I did just about the same thing you did Mom. I leaped up and called it out and all four of us that were at the church building just started talking about how this will probably change Mormon culture forever. So many things crossed my mind as I discussed this change with the elders here with me. I'll go ahead and explain. First of all yes I thought immediately about Ryan and how this would effect him. I am so glad that he is eager to get the paper work in and get going. I thought that he might have decided to get a semester in at BYUI first, and I'm still not sure how the timing would work for him, but I am thrilled. This would also mean that it wouldn't be as long before I see him again. The other thing I thought was how lucky he is to be able to leave earlier. ...
I am super thrilled for a lot of my friends that will probably leave now, like Olivia. We are going to see a ton of missionaries. We are definitely in the last days. I can just imagine the MTC president going "We better make some more room quick!" I can also imagine that more MTC's will be built and training programs will probably be improved to speed up the process. This is definitely an exciting announcement. I am so glad we have a prophet of God on Earth right now to guide us and receive these amazing revelations to further His work. Please keep me updated on how things go with this back at home.
Now for the other talks I must agree with Russell M. Nelson's plea to ask the missionaries. I just really hope we see some miracles from it and see how people begin to trust the elders more. President Cotterell told us that the sessions of General Conference we see on our missions are going to be the most important in our lives. As I thought about that I couldn't help but think that I need to be a better missionary forever, I am going to have troubled kids so I better learn how to teach them correctly, and I better love my wife. :) I don't know what you got out of it, but that's what I kept hearing. Jeffrey R. Holland always knows how to singe our eyebrows or sizzle our socks. He just makes me want to be better. I encourage everyone to give heed to that man's message. General Conference is definitely the fastest weekend on your mission and I sure wish it wasn't so short. 
On the other side of things, we were able to teach a few lessons in between sessions and throughout the work. Our investigator Brenda is going strong and we have been working hard to find others. Today is the beginning of suit season so we have to wear our coats everywhere and my companion isn't the happiest about it, but it is what it is. It has been a busy first week of the transfer, but really good. 
Well I have to say that I love you all to death. Thanks for everything. I am so happy to now that things are going well. I'm excited to hear from Ryan. The world is definitely in for a treat. The armies of heaven are rounding up and nothing is going to stop the work from progressing, nothing until the Great Jehovah says the work is done. I am thankful for a prophet's voice in these days and that I am now serving my Lord and Master during such a historical time for the Kingdom of God here on Earth. I also want Aunt Laurie to know that the gospel is fun and even though her mission president said we don't have fun mine has come out to say that we better be having fun or we probably need to repent. There is nothing more fun than living and doing the things we should. And it definitely brings the JOY! Love yall.
Con Amor,
Elder Burnham

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