Monday, October 15, 2012

Great Birthday

That was probably the funniest email I have ever received. I am glad to see that my brother is crazy and loves the gospel and Italian. I wouldn't be surprised if he got called to Massachusetts Italian speaking now. I am way excited for him and I can't wait for his letter. Mom, I don't really think I need anything specific in my package. I did get a ton of treats from Aunt Laurie and Jenni and the kids that will probably make me fat. I can't really think of anything. So the whole suit situation, I haven't figured it out yet, but it is worse than we think. So my black suit is too small and can't get let out and my brown has a rip in the crotch. So I am getting the brown one fixed which should be cheap and right now we are searching for cheap suits that I can buy. I am doing my best to be smart about this and bargain shop. But in reality I don't have too many options. I am using my noggin though, I promise. :) So I did have the best birthday ever and had a baptism. Brenda got baptized and the man standing next to her is Bro. Thigpen who did the baptizing. We didn't get a picture of her in baptismal clothing because her excuse was that she wanted to look good and also she wanted to take it on Sunday after she had time to blow dry her hair because being black meant her hair was going to be destroyed from the water. Whatever it went really well and I was so happy to see her go through with it. She has an incredible amount of faith. Apparently the night before her baptism her sister had a heart attack and died which totally threw her family for a loop. She could have decided not to go through with it, but she came out and said that there is no reason for her to back out now. She has had so many things happen to her since we started visiting her that could definitely be taken as a bad sign, but she understands the plan of salvation well now and recognizes the importance of being tested. She is amazing. On Sunday we got to church early to help set things up, plus we had to translate again because our translators were sick. Anyway, we were so excited and then church started and there was no Brenda. Now we were stressing and praying and everything. Then they started passing the sacrament and still no Brenda. We were so bummed. Well right after the sacrament was over she comes strolling in and sits down. Bishop Wiggins immediately calls her up to the stand and she was confirmed. It was such a relief! I was flipping out. Also after the blessing was over she started shaking hands with those in the circle and she gave them a hug as well. Well Elder Goodwin and I both were hugged by a woman in front of the entire ward. I won't lie it was pretty great. :)


  Well after a wonderful service we left church and went over to Bro. Sutton's for dinner. That is where the pig head pics come in. Yes, he fed us a pig head for lunch with sweet potato biscuits. It wasn't too bad, but the brain tastes like liver and I don't like liver. Just another crazy day with Bro. Sutton.  It was definitely a good week though.
We put in a lot of hard work and now we are celebrating......for a few hours. :) Now we are back on the finding boat and searching out the truth seekers. If you know anyone let me know.
I love you all and I am very grateful for everything. A new SD card should be getting sent soon. I hope everything is going well and know that I love yall.
Con Amor,
Elder Burnham

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