Monday, October 1, 2012

Staying in Mount Olive with the MICE

It seems like so many things just blasted off this last week. I am glad to hear so many stories of people continuing to progress in life no matter what the circumstances. I am also glad to see how great my family is doing. ...
Okay, so transfers are actually tomorrow, but this lucky guy is staying in Mount Olive for another six weeks. I did not want to leave and in fact I wrote the mission president and asked him not to transfer me and I got what I wanted.  So I will be working my tail off for another transfer here. I am super excited because yes, this week was booming. We taught a lot of lessons, met new people, and set a baptismal date for my birthday. So it should be a really good month overall. We have been working hard and trying our best to not let a moment pass by where we aren't finding opportunities to teach. The work is going well.
So I have attached a few pics of things that have happened. One is of a mice problem we had in the home, that we caught with wonderful mice traps. It was funny because we chased one mouse through the house and trapped it in my closet where all my stuff was so instead of taking everything out we just bombarded the closet with 5 mouse traps and waited. Well when we checked up on it we found two dead mice instead of one. I don't know how long they have been here, but we haven't seen any since. Then the other pic is one of our last district meeting this last transfer and I believe the only one leaving is the mexican elder, so not too much movement around our area. Well that is pretty much my update for now.

Oh I just remembered it looks like my muscles are so ridiculously huge now that my black suit is too small in both length and width soooooo I may be thrift store shopping soon or wherever I can go to find another suit because suit season is starting back up after conference weekend, which means that we have to where suits all the time now, so I will be needing a new one. I'm just filling you in on the suit situation, just in case you wanted to chastise me or something or tell me something else.

Well family I love yall a bunch and I'm glad to see everyone is doing well. Hey I think something that would be absolutely spectacular is if yall could send pics out to me of the family. I only have like one and I keep getting asked about pictures of yall and of things we have done. So just random pics of whatever with the family would be neat. Thanks a ton. I love you!!!!!
Con Amor,
Elder Burnham

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