Monday, October 29, 2012

No Bad Weather Here

This week seemed to fly by today. First of all we have gotten a lot of members telling us that we should be careful and that the storm may keep us inside, but so far all we have gotten is a little wind. It is starting to cool down, but really over here you wouldn't even know there was a hurricane hitting up north. I hear it is supposed to tear through New York. That must be exciting. We are doing great down here. I have heard a couple member say that they couldn't care less if New York got hit bad, those crazy Yankees. Gotta love the south. :) Mom, the suit should show up on the Internet by now. I got it at Belk, it is bigger, it is a dark blue, and it makes me look pretty darn gorgeous. Thanks to birthday mail, and holidays and stuff happening I have been kind of slow at getting snail mail out. I am trying my best though so that is why pictures haven't been sent yet. Thank you so much for the package by the way. It was funny to see those pasta sides in there. Those are pretty much one of the most popular foods that we as poor missionaries eat. Those emails were super good to read also. Thank you for everything.
This week was really good all the way around. We have been doing a lot of work with less actives, which is usually in English since there are only like 6 Spanish members here. It is really rough work, but we are doing our best. We just found two new investigators and set another baptismal date, which we are excited about even though I will probably get transferred before that happens, but that's okay. Another big thing we are starting this week is Elder Goodwin and I have put up fliers everywhere throughout the local tiendas to start up an English class. We will be teaching English to Hispanics every Friday at 7p.m. We aren't exactly sure how well of a turn out we will get, but we have already gotten calls from people that saw them in the tiendas and want to come. I don't know exactly how to teach people a second language, but we are just going to try our best to do what the MTC did with us. Our goal for this is to teach them English by teaching them how to do simple things like talk to God, and other Gospel things which will help them learn how to communicate in every day situations, and also to feel the spirit. We plan on giving out a Book of Mormon in both languages for reading material. We are excited and hope to see some miracles come from this, so we can only pray and have some hope. We have been working hard with less actives which includes Cary Turner. He is my favorite member and is the most interesting man in the south. He used to do reenactments up in Gettysburg and all that jazz and he knows way too much about the civil war and the confederacy. All I know is I probably would have joined the south if I could go back in time to fight in that. He has so many interesting stories and his life is like a national treasure movie. He is currently trying to seek out his cousin's body that got left behind in Cambodia after a battle on the island that the marines were sent to take care of because the U.S.A had a ship with heroin on it to help pay for the war or something like that. Anyway his cousin was sent there with a bunch of other marines to basically be a decoy without knowing it and got killed because he was left behind by a chopper that was supposed to rescue them. Anyway if he gets all the pieces put together and can prove anything then he is convinced that the government is really trying hard to cover things up. All I know is that I could sit down with that man for hours and just listen. He is a wonderful person.  
Well other than that we have been testifying to everyone and just doing what we have been called to do. I don't have any crazy pictures for you today, but they will come. I love you all very much and I'm thankful for all you do for me. Keep up the good work.
Con Amor,
Elder Burnham

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