Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Keep Your Head UP

Well miracles sure are happening, but the large ones don't happen enough it seems like. I have been kind of stumped this week. That miracle man from last week didn't come to church this week and in fact we still haven't had any contact with him since then. Also our investigators, Edgar and Bilma, have told us that they feel the spirit stronger in their own church and she doesn't want to get baptized into a church she might end up leaving. It was really stressful. I have really grown to love this couple and now they are saying that even though they believe what we have taught them is true, they still don't feel the spirit as strong. Now, I'm 100% positive it is a smokescreen and I'm also positive the issue is they are Spanish and they don't feel at all welcome in the ward. Fellowshipping is really a problem here. Yes, I can understand the language barrier excuse in other cases, but Edgar and Bilma speak perfect English. I just don't know what to do. Missionaries can only fellowship so far and we get moved around too much anyway. We haven't completely given them up yet, but their progression has begun to slow down so we will see how much longer we hold on to them. We definitely hope and pray that things will spark up again with them and they will realize that if without friends the truth is necessary. 
Well besides that bummer, we have done a lot more finding lately. We have seen a lot of small miracles in just knocking on doors and meeting interested people. Hopefully some of these potenciales (potentials) will turn into strong seekers of truth. The work is going on and fast. This transfer is starting to come closer to the end and there is a possibility I may get transferred out of this area, but I pray that doesn't happen. 
Well I am excited to see how the ward changes for the better. Change can definitely be exciting. It will be kind of weird coming home to a slightly different crowd, but its all good. So yall have normal missionaries again? I have already made a goal to be the best exchange the elders back at home will ever have. They will love taking me out with them. Hopefully they are Spanish too.
Being a missionary there really isn't TOO blunt. You can talk about anything. A mission opens you up to anything and everything. When people are confessing sins to you, or telling you about horrible relationships, or crazy events in other peoples lives, you kind of just get exposed to everything and there really isn't anything like awkward or scary or nerve-racking anymore. Anyway you did not tell me I looked good in that picture I sent, but thanks anyway. The elders names are Elder Prisbrey, who is the skinny one wearing glasses, Elder Shirrod, the shorter one next to me, Superman (AKA Me), and Elder Goodwin, who is my companion. Being in a 4-man is super fun, and I probably won't know what to do when I go back to only living with one other elder. Um, yes I did get Dad's package. Thank you very much. I am always searching for new talks/stories/inspiring experiences that I can use. I have quite the collection now. The mission president is doing well. Not much has been changed except we can't go fishing with members anymore. His name is President Bernhisel and I have had a couple interviews with him and we get along just fine. He is a lot more laid back then President Cotterell, but he is so much more personable and easier to talk to. The mission is doing really well and right now the big thing going around is lift where you stand. President and all the missionaries are doing their best to help members understand this concept and really apply it in their lives. We hope to have much more member work through this idea. We'll see how that goes. 
Well that's about all i have for now. I sure hope everything is going well. Hey I attached another picture for you to see. We went to the temple this week and had a wonderful experience. It's weird going to the temple after having not gone for six months. That is something I have to be good at when I am home. Temple attendance is very important.     
Well I love you all very much. Keep up the good work. Oh hey one more thing mom. I was thinking about this the other day, but I remember as a kid we always heard stories about Dad's mission, but I can't remember anything about yours. I was just wondering if you have any amazing spiritual experiences that you could share from your mission?
Well I am excited to hear from yall next week. Keep up the good work.
Con Amor,
Elder Burnham

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