Tuesday, September 4, 2012

4 missionaries

This was probably some of the best emails ever. I am so happy to see how everyone is doing and how great the family is. First off Sara I am super excited to see how spanish goes. You should probably check your spelling though. :) Whenever you need help let me know. Just send me things that I can help you with. Oh and I love poptarts too. Especially as a missionary!
Ryan that is soooo exciting that the school countdown is coming quickly. You will have to explain more about what some of those classes mean. Also I want to know what your major is exactly. Do you already have an idea of the direction you want to go? I was talking to some elders out here about their experiences at BYUI and they said that the intramurals are super fun. So if you can't do wrestling get into basketball or football. Apparently they have intramural football with pads, so you can go dominate and relive the highschool glory days. :) With the 4-man we have right now we have been able to play more sports on p-day so I am getting pretty good at baseball. We don't play basketball because I already dominate there. They don't like to play what they aren't good at. :) Man, I'm super excited to see how school goes for you. Please give it 100% and don't slack on your studies. Sure I know the late nights and the freedom will be fun, but don't let anything keep you from doing homework and studying. Promise me that every morning you will read a little out of the BOM. That is the biggest tool to keep you on the right track and I will promise you that it will only help more in your academic studies as well. Love ya Brotha!
Mom, I definitely teared up to hear that Wilson went to church and bore his testimony. I knew he always would have one. He knows where the truth is. I am truly grateful to have a friend like him. And if Ryan can let him know that it would be wonderful. I just wrote him back yesterday, but I don't how the mail works for him and since he is moving soon I sure hope he gets it. Let him know I sent it to his Coronado address and if he doesn't receive it I'll write him again.
Well it sounds like life is going super well for you now that some weight has been lifted. I bet it will be nice to have a larger group in church now. So what is the missionary service looking like now? Did you get two youngsters again or still the elderly? It really is amazing to see how life is changing back at home. I never thought that when I got home that things would be all that different, but it has already changed so much and I am not even a year out yet. It's all exciting stuff though.
This week for us has been alright. The four of us are still working hard to rebuild everything which is a little tough, but the new leadership here is on fire. Did I tell you that Elder Adams from my MTC district is now my District Leader here. We got to go on exchanges this last week and teach like the good old times. It was a fun day for sure. Our investigators are still progressing, but no major movement this week. Since there are only a few active hispanics the work is tough especially when it comes to member support and help, but we are doing our best. Most of our days are full of finding wherever and whoever we can that is prepared by God to accept this message. So about politics: first when do we vote? Are you going to send me my absentee ballot sometime soon or what is the time on that? Um, most people here aren't happy that the DNC is here, but it doesn't get to them too bad because most of them go to Florida for the Republican convention. It's ridiculous how many people are so ready to get Obama out and far away. I have never heard so many death threats on one man. The south is not happy about what has taken place. They call him an enemy to this country. I am almost glad I only absentee vote and don't have to deal with knowing what is being said daily on the news and stuff. This is going to be the biggest election for this country. If yall could I would love to have some of the programs on it recorded for when I get home so I can see what is going to be huge history for my kids.
Well I love you all to death and I am so thankful for all that you do.
The church is true, the book is blue, and I'll see you in two.
Con Amor,
Elder Burnham
Elder Prisbrey, Elder Shirrod, Elder Sean Burnham, Elder Goodwin (Sean's Companion)

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