Sunday, December 11, 2011

Prayer: Complicated and Mysterious

Hey, it's your favorite missionary. ;) Thanks so much for the package. It was really needed. I love you so much. Anyway I wish I had more of things to say, but not too much has happened. I'll see what I can spit out, or at least remember. I'll use my journal to cheat. Also I'm sorry I don't get to call this Christmas. There are just too many elders and too few phones here. Pero, Esta Bien!! Um... the language is coming alright. I wonder if I'll ever master it, but I'm doing okay. Dad, la idioma esta muy dificil pero, yo estoy entendiendo muy rapido. Yo pienso. :) I have gained three pounds, but I feel like it is in my head. But I am starting to work out more during gym time now instead of just messing around playing basketball. I swear I am the only one in my district that doesn't average two packages a week. It's ridiculous. Christmas is going to be crazy here. I have been taking pics and will send some to you guys soon, or I guess i'll send the SD card to Jenni and she can send stuff to you or something. No se ahora. I still would like to see how my pics turned out, Por Favor!
Okay now for the good stuff I guess. Not much is happening here, but I am learning so freaking much. Oh before that, I got a haircut today and it is way short and you know how I am about that, but afterwards I just didn't care. It was strange. I guess being a missionary does that to you. Like I don't really care how I look. I mean I'm not going out looking slobbish because I'm still a missionary, but I don't know. I just don't care anymore. The apostles have said that we have to look this way therefore, if a new rule came out that we had to wear a pink tutu and one earring on the right ear, I would do it. This whole dedicating your life to God thing is pretty crazy, eh? Anyway, back to what I've learned. I've found or others have found for me so many weaknesses of mine. One of them is patience, but I knew about that one. I swear my companion is just like Ryan in so many ways. But I mean that in both the good and the bad ways. It's crazy. And then when I look at the other companerizmos in my district, It just increases my faith in the divine hand that takes part in setting this work up. It's amazing. Second I have been brutally hit with a wave of I suck at teaching new investigators because I want to go deep into doctrine, and give them everything all at once. I am learning slowly, but surely that I need to simplify my teaching. I'm learning so much. Es Loco!!! I never thought about how much better it is just to simplify a lesson. Another problem I had that I didn't realize was that I thought I was pushing my investigator too hard to follow up on our invitations to read or pray or whatever, but it turns out I don't push hard enough. For ejemplo, we had an investigator read with us and we taught about the Book Of Mormon and testified and got him to be interested in it and he started reading and everything was great, but when I tried to get him to pray with us he said maybe later after he reads more. Well I rationalized that and let it go and just thought maybe he'll do it next time. Well I told my teacher about that later on and he said that I should have worked harder and been persistent in getting him to pray. I felt like crap, but when he explained it it made perfect sense. See, I don't think we realize how important it is that we basically force our investigators to talk with there heavenly father. In fact there is zero conversion process without prayer. Prayer is seriously the other cornerstone of our religion. Without prayer nothing is possible in what I am trying to do. I wish I had known more about this before I taught him. But i guess it's better I learn that out here then in the field. Gosh I never thought so hard about the basics of religion. But It just amazes me. Like with prayer, how complicated and mysterious it is, but at the same time how simple and powerful it is. This is crazy. Anyway, that was one of my awesome lessons this week. Oh and I have successfully memorized the first vision in Spanish. I feel so accomplished. :)
Well I wish I could think of more to tell you. I love you guys so much. Keep the dear elders and packages coming. It's all we missionaries look forward to. :) Yo amo ustedes, mucho!!!

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