Saturday, December 3, 2011

Nephi VS Orange Juice

Thanks for sending the package. I have yet to get it, but thanks anyway. :) OH about the scripture mastery cards, don't worry about it. They were like 50 cents here so i just got one. Well nothing exciting has really happened here except for some of the amazing lessons I have been in. Mi Maestro es muy intelligente y El tiene mucho Espiritu en nuestros lecciones. Yo quiero Hermano Brown. (thats his name.) Yesterday he had us read together in first nephi verse by verse as a district and we didn't even get past the second chapter because of the amazing conversion (conversations?) we had. We talked for about 45 minutes on the amazing fact that just by reading the BOM we can receive a butt load of personal revelation. If you notice in the first part of it Nephi talks about how his father was praying and then saw a vision and in his vision he was given a book. Then by reading that book he saw so much more. I never realized that even in the first chapter that we read over and over again has so much personal application. Also we can relate the fact that they left all they had for the wilderness to our lives. I believe that this is the wilderness in a sense. I'm giving up everything to follow the lord. The thing is that so many people do it throughout there lives because of some reason or another, but the key is that do they do it and stick with it. I have entered the wilderness by going on a mission, but so did Laman and Lemuel. They were obedient eventually and did all that was asked of them eventually. So are we entering the wilderness like them or Nephi. I guess what I'm saying and what I learned is that its what we do after the wilderness that counts. It's good that we are obedient, but are we going to bring jerusalem with us and try to recreate what we were told to leave or are we going to permanently leave that crap behind. I never thought of it this way, but I guess that's why we learn the things we learn here. All I know is that my Teacher blows my mind every day. I love that guy. Sorry Brianne, he is already married. :) I wish every one could witness his lessons. I swear he will be an apostle some day.
Well I felt like sharing that. So um...Yo tengo bueno salud. Es muy frijo aqui. But I'm staying warm and I drink a lot of cranberry juice. :) There are quite a bit of Christmas lights up here and a small nativity scene in the courtyard, but that's about it. I have only seen like two Christmas packages, and my companion seems to get like two a week from his family and girlfriend. Punk! His family definitely loves him. ;) I just know that my family doesn't need to send me stuff for me to know it, right? Um, Russell leaves just after Christmas I believe. I haven't taken too many pictures, but I'll send you some when I take some more. You know me and pictures aren't the best of friends. If you can send me pictures, I'd like to see...well the ones of me, and then any that Brianne sends and my teacher also said it would be a good idea to have a small pic of your family that you can show people out in the field. Something that can fit in like the cover of my small hymnal. Well its great here!!! Let me tell you, I haven't done so much of 3 things. 1. Read so much. I think I have Alex Walker beat. 2. Felt the spirit so much. 3. Go to the bathroom. The food here does things to every ones bowels, I can't explain it. Ryan, stay away from the OJ when you get here. Well if I think of something else to tell you maybe I'll sneak some more in another email. I love you guys. And I hope all is well. Yo se que la Iglesia es verdadero y nuestro Padre Celestial tiene mucho amor para nosotros. Yo Amor Ustedes.
Finishing Strong,
Elder Burnham

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