Monday, May 20, 2013

Holy Pants and Awesomeness

Well my beautiful family I have been working hard. My wonderful companion and I had a few bumps in the road this week with investigators and pants so we had to push through the road block that Satan threw at us and get back on the top. We taught a ton of people and didn't stop there. We are making progress with the elect and dropping the non-elect. Missionary work sure can get hairy. We have an investigator who is 13 years old and his mom just told us she doesn't want him to be baptized. His dad does, but because of the battle there we have had to hold off a little. That is never fun. Another investigator we have is the mother of a recent convert and we caught her on accident with a new boyfriend and the wonderful smell of alcohol and smoke. mmmmmmmmm... Her daughter also came out running from her room telling us that we need to have a lesson on the law of chastity right then and there. That was a an unexpected awkward situation we were put in. Her daughter is only 13 and reminds me a lot of Sara. In fact her name is Sarah. But anyway I had to think quick and try to calm people down and just let them know we had stopped by just to see how things were going and if we could do anything to help the family. We weren't expecting to be thrown into that. We ended up leaving with an invitation to obey the Word of Wisdom, a prayer and a wave to the embarrassed boyfriend. I love the people of North Carolina. :) Another miracle this week is that we finally got a Ward Mission Leader and he is the best. He loves the work and is only about 3 years home from his mission. We are about to get things moving quickly here. The fun is starting and we are getting more excited and more importantly the members are getting excited. 

Well other than that I guess I'll mention the "pants" part. I am now without any pairs of pants that aren't holy. Here are some pictures. I am telling you this because I am going to need to buy some new pants today. I am wearing a pair of Elder Sosa's pants right now and I hope to be able to fix at least on pair, but some of them are beyond repair without an ugly patch that I don't know how to do anyway. I guess my awesomeness just disintegrates pieces of my pants over time. For some odd reason  they are always in the crotch area. :) 
Well I love you all to death and I am happy to see we all love each other more than ever now. You are the best family ever. I am so lucky! Happy Birthday to all and Happy Anniversary to all!!!! \
Con Amor,
Elder Burnham

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