Monday, March 18, 2013

I am sick

Elder Sosa and Elder Burnham

I am feeling miserable right now. I believe the Mexican family that fed us enchiladas last night poisoned me. This is the first time I have ever felt this gross on my mission. Gotta love eating at strange homes right? :)
Well on the positive side of things I am loving Smithfield, NC. The ward here is nice and big and everyone is on top of things. I am glad to be in this area where the members are actually somewhat missionary minded and love the missionaries. I must admit that I do miss Wallace though. I sure hope all is well there. Here in Smithfield my companion is the wonderful Elder Sosa from Honduras. He has never lived in the states before and his English is very broken. It is so funny hearing him teach Americans. He has been out 9 months and is a great teacher in Spanish. I am definitely going to learn a lot from him. We get along very well and we even just had a baptism together. Here are some pictures of us.
Well I am feeling super gross right now so I am not going to write much more, but I hope life is going well. I love y'all very much and yes we got that news about emailing so it is okay. And also it looks like my mission my be getting split and there is a very good chance I could be going to the other mission. Well with that I leave you. Thanks for everything. Good Luck Sara. :)
Elder Burnham

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