Monday, November 4, 2013

Best week ever!

Well family of mine I don't actually know if I will have time to email next Monday. It looks like the schedule will be as follows: This week up until Monday will be work as hard as you can for everything you're worth. Then come Monday morning I must have everything prepared to be picked up and carried to the mission home for a final interview and a testimony meeting with the other dying missionaries. I think that won't be until around 3ish though so I may email one last time after this. Anyway, after the testimony meeting and a dinner provided by Pres. Baker we will be taken to a hotel to spend the night and then they ship me off to Norfolk the next morning to start my long journey back to California. This is going to be a crazy week. I pray I have the energy to get everything I want to get done in time.
This past week we had a great week full of feeling the spirit. Really that is what this is all about. Anyway we had decided to stretch out a bit and we went out to Nagshead in the outer banks because the sisters had been holding out on us and just now gave us an entire area book full of Hispanic potentials that are in their area. Well we decided that we were going to see what we could do about that. We took an entire day and thankfully it was saturday so we got to start our fast that day and skip dinner so we could talk to every single person and their dog. The best part was we were able to visit some inactive members their as well because they have been starved for so long from having Spanish speaking missionaries in the area that they never get visited, so when we showed up at the door and greeted them with an "Hola" they about cried and started to worship us. It felt so good to be loved by these people who just want to be able to worship in their native language. The ward they live in doesn't have any translation whatsoever so they just don't go because they feel guilty going and falling asleep or being sidetracked the whole time because they don't know what's going on. It was such a great feeling to see them get excited that Spanish speaking missionaries actually cared to visit them even though we live far away. This definitely added a lot to our work load and limited mileage, but we are excited to help serve these people the best we can. It was just a great week full of the Lord's work.
This Sunday was also very spiritually uplifting. We had a lot of new faces show up and we heard some great testimonies. One of the Hispanic men in the ward brought his kids for the first time and we hope to be teaching them soon. He went through a huge battle to get custody of them and bring them back here from Utah. But he felt prompted yesterday to get up and bear his testimony for his kids to know that he loves them and he loves the gospel. Of course it was all in Spanish and of course he asked me to translate for him up at the pulpit. Translating in front of a large group of people is always nerve racking, but it went really well and it was very powerful. This also gave me the opportunity to stay up at the pulpit and bear my last testimony in the ward. I wasn't necessarily expecting to because I'm always locked up behind another door translating everyone's testimonies into Spanish, but the Lord gave me this chance and I took. There is nothing more fulfilling than bearing down in pure testimony. I even got a little choked up. Well after the meeting this led to the members complementing my translating skills as well as asking about all that trunky stuff that is about to happen. We even had more families sign up on the meal calendar than normal. That was unexpected, but its about time we got new people on the calendar. :)
Anyway we have had quite the amazing week and I am excited for what comes this week, We saw a lot of miracles and I have faith that more are on the way. Stay strong my family. I love you all and yes I am excited to come home and see you all again.
I hope to be able to email one last time next week so if I do need anything specific or have more details to tell you hopefully I will know by then. For now I can't think of anything specific and I will be sending some more packages so they will go to McHenry. I love you all very much and keep me in your prayers to stay focused and have the best week ever here in Elizabeth City. Hast Luego!!!
Con Amor,
Elder Burnham
P.S. The picture is out the window of our car on the way to a missionary meeting we had. Fall is here and it is the best season out here in the south.

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