Monday, February 25, 2013


Yeah!!!! I am so excited to hear how that night went. I am glad to hear so much of the family came out to send him off. I also want to know about this Nate fellow. Where did he come from? Anyway, life here in Wallace has been going well this past week. I still wish I could have been with y'all just for a few nights before Ryan took off. I hope he is loving his time in the MTC. It is weird that he only has a super short time in there. He will be out in the field baptizing in no time. Hoorah!!!!!
Well Dad I'll thank you for the info. I was just wondering because of a certain investigator situation that we have been working through and then our branch president decided to be a party pooper and tell us that once they are married and start coming back he would have to talk to the husband about excommunication. I just don't feel much love and mercy from this man towards any of our investigators and that is something we have been working with. Speaking of that though, we have made some big progress. At least in my eyes. I came up with that pass-along fireside idea and after pitching it to my companion and revising it and writing it out and stuff we finally presented it to our branch mission leader just to let him look it over. Well he then had his dad, the branch president, look it over as well. He actually complimented me on it and just told me to come up with a solid way to measure success form it and then at branch council this week we will present it to the council to see if we can excite the branch to do some work! I felt good about that response and was surprised to even receive that much. We'll see how it goes. I'll let you know next week unless I get completely shut down and tore to pieces. So other than that we are still in the beginning stages of getting some type of catalyst thrown in the mix of this small branch. Vamos a ver!
Another miracle worth sharing is that we found an investigator who had been taught in the past and has the biggest desire to change his life around. I was going through the area book entering some addresses in my GPS of some former investigators that got dropped in the past. Well Chris was one of them and one evening because one of our appointments fell through we decided to go find some of these people. We drove up and there he was standing out on his lawn with some alcohol on the porch waiting for us to approach him. At first I was like "hmmmmm" and then my confidence decided to wax strong like usual and I was like "just another adventure for the missionary journal." :) We approached him and I started to talk to him about how we saw he had visited with missionaries in the past and we just wanted to come visit and see if he wanted to retry changing his life. Well come to find out the only reason he wasn't baptized in the past was because he went to prison. Good reason I guess. Well Chris has been in and out of jail, has 20 years experience with illegal drugs, has kids who knows where, and right now has the biggest desire I have ever seen to change his life around and find the straight and narrow. He told us it must have been divine intervention that we came that day because he has been wondering where those past missionaries went. Well we set up an appointment and met with him a few days later. That man is one of the craziest men I have ever taught and yet the most enjoyable and the most full of desire. His past life has had such a huge impact on his life that everything he can relate to right now isn't at all in line with the standards of the gospel. Go figure. :) When we taught about prophets and what they do he then went on to say, " So you guys are like prophets, but not really; kind of like a man who is a wannabe pimp, but isn't really a pimp." Yes we got compared to wannabe pimps in our first lesson with him. This guy is the best. :) I am sure I will have more adventurous stories to tell y'all about shortly.
For now that is all I got. I sure hope life is treating you well and hopefully the quiet at home isn't too difficult to adjust to. Well I love you all very very much. Thanks for everything.
Con Amor,
Elder Burnham 1

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