Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Elder Ryan Burnham to the MTC

I guess today he is being dropped off. ("Brother "  Elder Ryan Burnham)Tell me everything. How many tears were shed. I will admit that when I read Ryan's email about allowing me to be with him throughout the day on Sunday, I cried. Why would I cry? Anyway, I can't believe this is happening. I am so excited to see how things are going. I wanted so bad to be there this week. I wanted so bad to be there to feel the spirit and to give all my knowledge I can to him. I know he will get more as we write back and forth, but there is so much I want to say to him in person. I sure hope he takes my last letter to heart and just dominates out there. What is Sara going to do now? There isn't anyone home for her. She better stay out of trouble. I miss you all very much and I sure hope everything is going well.
Well for me in my neck of the woods, not much has really happened out of the extraordinary. We are still teaching quite a bit and Elder Young is coming along really well. We went on exchanges this week and I left the area so it was on him to take over what was planned for the day. He had some good lessons in Spanish that he was able to follow the spirit on and I was proud to hear that. My boy is growing up. I am training one of the best.
Well family, I don't really have a lot to say this week. I can't think of anything remarkable that happened. We did have an inactive man come back to church this last sunday. I feel like the Lord is definitely blessing us, but it just hasn't been with anything humongous this week. Sometimes I wonder if that is because I just don't have enough faith in big miracles or maybe it is just not time yet. Hopefully soon though because we have so many investigators that just need to make a few more changes in their lives and they are set. One couple has to get married and another has to give up his smoking habit and another has to just decide to read and put Moroni's promise to the test. I pray so hard for these people and these steps aren't the biggest ones that they could make in life. Right now and where they are at they shouldn't have any problems with just doing it, but for some reason it is the biggest fight. I am pretty bummed that there is a good possibility I might leave in the next few weeks and I won't see the progression of these people completed. That's alright though I know it is all in His time. One day I'll accept that much more freely. :)
Well I love you all and I hope today was a great day!!!
Con Amor,
Elder Burnham

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