Tuesday, June 12, 2012


So I am no longer in the wonderful city of Cary. To be honest I do miss it over there and even my companion, Elder Forsey. we got along really well and saw success. So we had transfers on Tuesday and because Elder Forsey is training he had to be there early to receive some instruction and stuff from President, so I had to go early with other elders and set up the greenie's bikes and the rest of the things for the transfer meeting. This was President's last transfer meeting and surprisingly you wouldn't have been able to tell if you were there. He kept his cool through the whole thing and even cracked some jokes about the dying elders. :) Anyway after hearing some testimonies from some missionaries leaving the transfers commenced. Ahora estoy en el campo! I am now serving in Mount Olive with Elder Munoz. 

 This area is pure country and far away from any regular city like place. The library I am in right now is the size of our living room. I don't really know how much I like it here yet. It is an English ward with a Spanish group though which means that I will be really busy because we do both the English and Spanish work here. Elder Munoz is from Utah so don't let the last name fool you. He is learning Spanish for the first time also. He is only one transfer older than me and seems to be pretty cool. We'll see how this goes. On the way here from transfers we literally saw dozens of tobacco plantations and apparently even some of the members here own a few. Maybe I'll do some service out there. :)
So it was good to hear Ryan graduated and is now an Elder. I can't believe I've already been out 6 months and the family is growing up just as fast. You all are lucky that you get to go see the family and I'm guessing Brianne will be touring her mission while she is there. Well it definitely sounds like everything is going well and enjoyable. I love you all very much and am extremely grateful for all that you do for me.
Brianne, we found Ingrid tracting and I think I knew she was ready when she really decided that quitting coffee was necessary to feel the spirit more. When she told us that I knew she was understanding more and feeling more every time. I think she knew she was ready when she saw how loving the branch members were as they heard more and more about her having a baptismal date. The more she progressed the more friends she made and it was confirming to her that this was something special and correct. 
Ryan, you definitely have something special and I am glad to hear you are willing to treasure it and magnify it. Keep up the good work and keep me updated on how this summer goes and the whole schooling situation. 
Sara, you are amazing. Your little emails to me always make me laugh. It's good to see how you are growing, learning and just getting out there. Keep kicking butt hermanita.
Well I love you all very much and I hope everything is going well. Let me know how the trip goes.  
Con amor,
Elder Burnham

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