Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Wow that was really neat to see the pics of my new baby niece. The family is constantly growing while I'm gone. It was good to see the family. Jenni sure looked pale in that picture. I hope everything is going good over there. So it sounds like y'all haven't done too many exciting things besides house work. I know that is a blast. 
Well this week for us has been kind of up and down. Some days were really good and others were kind of blah. We definitely still saw and recognized miracles throughout the week, but it just seemed like a non-exciting week. Well actually we did have two investigators come to church which is always super exciting. The work is going well here. We have two families that are coming along pretty well. Unfortunately no one has made resolutions to do missionary work except one brother has decided to do more and he is pretty much the only member of the branch council that helps us out. It sure is amazing to see how these wards and branches function inside and out and to learn from what they do. 
Well since I can't think of anything too major that happened I'll just tell you two experiences we had this week with our investigators. So the Hispanic family we are teaching had a pretty impressive experience. Hispanics are pretty well known to have dreams or "visions" about religion and things pertaining to God. Well this week we were on exchanges so Elder Young wasn't with me for this lesson. In fact I had an English missionary with me so he had no idea what was going on and just sat and smiled at the baby girl the mother was holding. Well I taught the entire lesson on baptism and what the covenant means and why we do it and all that jazz. Well in the middle of the lesson I felt prompted to just ask them if they had ever prayed as a family about anything we have been teaching them. The father then began to tell us how they prayed one evening and that night he had a dream where we had come by and taught his family something and then when we left we extended our hands for a hand shake. Well everyone accepted our hands except his sister that lives in Honduras. And she began to yell and tell them that we were from the devil. Well he said that as she started to drive us out him and his family right there began to defend us and he just felt really good about everything. He said that he interpreted that dream to be his answer that this is what his family needs. Pretty neat, right? I was impressed and our next appointment with them I had them tell Elder Young all about it as well. He didn't understand one bit of it, but I got to hear it again. :) It was pretty amazing and that family is progressing smoothly. It was a good day. 
The other experience was the other family we are teaching, who are super southern white people. Well the father is like 75% Cherokee Indian, but super heavy Pentecostal. Well we got to teach him for the first time with his boy this week and he just went on and on about religion and his experiences in the military and how it has affected his outlook on religion and God and all that stuff. Well we through a curve ball that he wasn't expecting. You see we have this little blue book called the Book of Mormon and it is all about his wonderful ancestors and their relation to the Tribes of Israel and how they too need to come to a knowledge of their Redeemer. Thank you 1 Nephi 15:14. It was funny to see his desire change once we introduced that. We didn't even get to talk about Joseph Smith or most of the restoration for that matter, but we felt like he needed to hear that right then and he has now committed to read and pray about it. The power of that book is indescribable. We have to flood the Earth with it. It was a pretty good day I would say. 
Well family that is all I have for now . I sure hope things are going well over there. Live long and prosper!!!
Con Amor,
Elder Burnham

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